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Addiction to Alcohol/How to boost an alcoholic's will.


Hello my name is Diana and I am Colombian. This alcoholism disease touches me a lot, because I have been in contact with many alcoholics. Unfortunately in my country accept it is almost a taboo, so people prefer to hide or deny the problem.

I am doing my master degree in Integrated Design and I have decided to work with the alcohol abuse. I have read all of the questions posted in this site, and I have to say that not many people understand and talk about this problem  as  well as you do.
My question is very simple and yet a little bit different, it is related with my Masterís project. So forgive if you find my question a little out of placeÖ

I want to believe that it  is possible to strength or boost a personís will while this person is facing this difficult disease. The question is: do you know any product or service (not medicines or pills) that already exist and that actually helps alcoholics to keep strong against the disease? If not, I would like to design something that help or reminds alcoholics about why they should stay sober, do you have any clue of what kind of product or service I could design for them?

Thank you so much for any help you can give me and for the time taken to read this mail.
Diana Giraldo
Dessau, Germany

    Thank you for your question and, humbly, thank you for your affirmation of the answers I have given on this site.  I have enjoyed the variety and scope of questions, and, now, the rather different question you have posed.

    No, I do not know anything out there or, perhaps, in someone's mind that may strengthen the will of a person who is battling alcoholism other than the 12-step program - a program given to two alcoholic men in the 1930's by a mystical dependence on something other than themselves - "that One is God."  We say in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) following that quote - "May you find Him now."
    Two men came together because they did not want to drink and were afraid if they did not find someone to talk with about themselves they would surely find their weak wills taking them down the spiral of active alcoholism.
    If you have not explored this text, known as the Big Book of AA, and titled Alcoholics Anonymous, then I would suggest you obtain a copy and read it intently.  Something is mystical about this text - the basic 164 pages which has not been altered since the first edition in 1939.
    I will venture to tell you what I find that mystical thing to be - you'll find it on page 58 of the third edition:
"Rarely have we seen a person fail who has
thoroughly followed our path. Those who do not
recover are people who cannot or will not completely
give themselves to this simple program, usually men
and women who are constitutionally incapable of being
honest with themselves."
    The answer is "honesty."  My answers are hopefully indicative of a person who is brutally honest with myself and when a question comes to me from someone wanting to know about alcoholism, I am willing to be honest in the answer.  Many people(and I do not mean only on this site, for there are some good sources of "experience strength and hope" on this site as well as in the rooms of AA) have never gotten honest and thus are superficial in their sharing.  Honesty is an attribute that comes with a price and many people are not willing to pay it.  I liken it to the biblical reference Matthew 7:14, "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find."  Hard to take?  Maybe.
    The real price is a sincere effort to continually explore the "real self" everyone has within them.  But that means study of philosophy and psychology and many, many other genres.  
    I hope this may have helped explain some of my thoughts and beliefs.  If I may also venture a suggestion: A "design" to emulate this 12-step program must have within it ALL THAT IS HUMBLED IN ITS DEVELOPERS AND PRACTITIONERS AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE GAINED BY THEM - NOT NOTORIETY, NOT MONEY, NOT EGO, NOT ONE OUNCE OF BENEFIT OTHER THAN THE JOY FOR THOSE WHO WOULD BE HELPED OUT OF THE THROES OF ALCOHOLISM.  What that design is, I have no concept other than God.
    Grace and peace,

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I can answer questions on the recovery from alcohol addiction as I am a recovering alcoholic with 24 years of sobriety. I can also address the spiritual aspects of the 12-Step program as I have a Master of Divinity degree; serve as a pastor in the Quaker church; and, serve as a hospice chaplain. I have also served as a prison chaplain for one year and currently volunteer as a mentor once a week, working with two inmates one-on-one as they work towards reentry into society as free persons.


I am a recovering alcoholic with 24 years of continuous sobriety.

Master of Divinity awarded in 2000 from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

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