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My brother just reported to me that my Dad has complete liver failure and jaundice, with an odd sweet ammonia smell, all caused by alcoholism.  He does not plan on quitting drinking.  I am supposed to fly back to Michigan in three weeks for Christmas, but would like to say goodbye to my father before then.  I would like to know if he will live another three weeks or if I should buy a flight home in the next few days.  How long will he live?  He is still getting up and around, as of a couple of days ago.

    I am so sorry to hear the news about the condition of your father.  This is out of my area of expertise but I did not want to simply reject your question.  If, in fact, you do wish to speak with your father and say your goodbyes, I would suggest that you make plans soon to get there.  Liver failure is quite serious and signals that alcoholism has taken a heavy toll.  Knowing your father refuses to quit drinking means he has made a personal decision to die and it may be very soon.
   Once again I am very sorry to hear the news.  You might want to send this question to a medical doctor on the site for their input.
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I can answer questions on the recovery from alcohol addiction as I am a recovering alcoholic with 24 years of sobriety. I can also address the spiritual aspects of the 12-Step program as I have a Master of Divinity degree; serve as a pastor in the Quaker church; and, serve as a hospice chaplain. I have also served as a prison chaplain for one year and currently volunteer as a mentor once a week, working with two inmates one-on-one as they work towards reentry into society as free persons.


I am a recovering alcoholic with 24 years of continuous sobriety.

Master of Divinity awarded in 2000 from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

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