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I have been married to my husband for 24 years. He has always drank and in the beginning he was addicted to drugs and drinking.  I know I should have left several times (or so everyone says) but I loved him and I had no were to go.  In 2010, a drunk driver hit his truck (on his way home from work, he only drinks at home) this accident has put him out of work, he open in own business after this but his back injury had become increasingly worst, the doctors say they can fix it. He also has HepC from tattoo's, in the last 6 months he has increased his drinking ten folds. I have done everything I know to make him feel useful, I suggested he work in the office and help that way, BIG mistake it just gave him more time to drink, I suggested he help out out son by watching our grandkids during the day, to help keep his mind off of drinking, this only works until someone comes home than he will go and drink half a 26er or more until he pass out.  He blames me and the stress of not working, but in the past he didn't mind laying around for 6 months at a time while he was laid off.  I don't know what else I can do? I really don't have any emotions left for him i feel empty inside and have lost all emotions for everything. Christmas time was my favorite to go and find things for all the people I love but now I just don't care.

What can I do if anything?


I strongly suggest you go to Al-anon, It is filled with people exactly where you are. They can offer support and guidance like no one else can. You must remember you cannot control him. You can only change you. You can find a al-non meetings by goggling al-anon in your city and state. You get the help you need and either you will leave him or things will get better. I know women who have stayed married to their husbands for 34 years before their husbands got into recovery and stopped drinking. They continued to go to Al-anon on a daily or almost daily basis. I will let those women tell you what to do because they have been there. It's free and no body knows you're going. You may be surprised who you see there. But get to a meeting ASAP. Take care of you.

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