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For the last seven years my ex husband has had a drinking problem that has got way out of control. We have three children together and I'm starting to fear for their life's. he blames all his drinking on me due to I cheated on him. I know what I did wasn't not right and he (Seven years now) makes sure I live with it everyday. Things got really bad when he would leave work, go to his dads house and start drinking. When he did come home it was a fight. Dhr ( children wellfare) even had to come into play. We tried to work things out and even got remarried. It lasted a month and once again my children watched as their dad beat on me. For the last two years now I have tried my best to let him have something to do with our children but way to many times have I seen him Hurt himself, wreak cars, harass me, fight with me, and let him alcohol be put fight with me at blame. My children 9,7,4 love their dad, want to send time with him but to many times they come home with awful stroies to tell and about how he drinks. I do fear for their life and feel I have no chose but to put them away from their dad. I have tried talking to him, taking it to court and talking with Dhr but seem to get no answers other then. "We can't do anything till he brings harm to the children". So my question is what is the best thing for me to do with protecting my children?

Dear Tabetha,

At the outset my apologies for the late reply.  I can understand your predicament and empathize with you.  Frankly, I do not know which State you come from and the laws of that State since I'm from India.  I suggest you contact a counselor for advice immediately, see a lawyer, & get restraint orders from the court.  I'm sure you can get police protection.

I also suggest you start attending Al-Anon (an off-shoot of AA for suffering family and friends of alcoholics) meetings where you will meet people with similar problems and who also share how they have come out of it.  You will get a lot of support and help from fellow suffering members.

I hope & pray everything goes well with you.  I'm sorry I'm not much of a help this time.

God bless.


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