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I am looking for a wedding officiant to who is in recovery and can add that element to my ceremony both me and my fiancée are in recovery

Hi, Lindsay.

My older daughter and her husband met in A.A., and they had a similar desire when they married.  So, they met with a judge privately for handling the legalities, then had an A.A. member of their own choosing conduct their ceremony with family members and friends present.  Maybe something like that could work in your own case, and I wish you the very best!

Joseph Lee

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Joseph Lee O.


Greetings to you! I have experienced “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the book, and that is what I share with others. I understand the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the real alcoholic's plight, and here is what can be done to overcome chronic alcoholism: "If you are an alcoholic who wants to get over it, you may already be asking - 'What do I have to do?' It is the purpose of this book ('Alcoholics Anonymous') to answer such questions specifically. We shall tell you what we have done." (page 20)


I took my first drink of alcohol at age 24...and within minutes I had become obsessed with its seemingly-magical effect. That glass of wine had just done something *for* me, and I was amazed. Just seven years later, I wanted to never again touch another drop of alcohol -- I had a desire to stop drinking forever -- but I just could *not* leave the stuff alone. I knew what alcohol was doing *to* me, but I still needed something done *for* me. The effect of the Twelve Steps is now my “sufficient substitute” ("A.A.", page 151) for the effect of alcohol, and I do not have to puke anything back up in the morning!


30-year student of “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the book

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