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Addiction to Alcohol/Improvements related to less alcohol?


I am 'hubby' from the previous question! Since then my belly has gone down a bit.  With the help of accupuncture and a better attitude, I can now have one or two drinks without feeling like I need to get hammered. In fact I get nauseous after more than two. Its great!
A couple other things I wanted to mention, and I wonder if the reduction is alcohol is behind them.
I used to get pretty drunk with the boys on my hockey team-especially after a win. The next morning, although not suffering from a hangover, my muscles would be sore for days. I thought this was age related-I am 55. The last couple games, however, I have still exerted myself as much or more on the ice, had a couple drinks, then went home. Hardly any stiffness or soreness next day.   Was the previous soreness alcohol related?
Also, I am seeing more gains and even a bit of muscle definition after working out. I exercise less than before, but previously I noticed hardly any gains from all the work. Same thing?
Lastly, as for the belly, my doctor said he didnt think it was ascites, just central obesity. As mentioned it is shrinking slowly, but at 55 i can live with a belly!
Thanks Peter, all the best.

Good for you, Bud!  You're making a lot of healthful changes and it seems to be working.  I believe you will see additional gains, with probably another year or so for this repair process to fully take hold.  Alcohol is incredibly toxic in large amounts, and the physical and psychological recovery is very gradual.

Keep up the good work!


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