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Hi, I have been dating a man for about 2 years (we are both in our early 40's) and at first he seemed so kind and we had a lot of fun together. I started to notice that he drank some amount of alcohol every night. I hardly ever drink, so at first it was hard for me to judge what was too much. We lived together for about 2 months and that is when I noticed that he would drink so much at night that he would be drunk and one night he actually fell over on the floor and another night he lost control of his bowels. When I asked him about it, he would get angry and defensive. He didn't have a car so when I drove him somewhere he had to stop at a package store at least once or twice a week. Another night I believe he was not asleep, but passed out. I had enough and he moved out and went into a sober house for a month. I don't think he ever thought he was an actual alcoholic and blamed me for having to move out. He got his own apartment and things were better for awhile but I noticed he started to drink excessively again and never wants to do anything or go anywhere. I tried to talk to him about it but all I got was more anger and he would blame me by saying things like, "well you never come up with any ideas of things to do." He says I keep pointing the finger at him and I am just trying to understand his behavior. If I leave him alone then he says I do not "engage or initiate in the relationship" and if I ask him to do something, he says he is ill. I can't win here. I stopped by his apartment around 4 p.m. a few weeks ago and he was just getting up. His eyes were red and he looked hungover. He basically told me to leave, said he was ill and didn't feel like talking. So I left. I finally ended it with a nice e-mail saying "I think" he has issues with alcohol and I hope he gets help, but I can't have a relationship with him if he continues to drink. He replied a week later with a nasty e-mail telling me that I don't know how to get close to people..which isn't true. Am I crazy here? Is it the alcohol talking..he seemed so great and nice..and the men at the sober house really liked him. Did I do the right thing and how do I recover from this? I feel like I have been crying for weeks. Thank you for your time.

Hi Heather,

You are certainly not the only one with this kind of problem. I have answered a similar question at:

If you have any further questions pleas don't hesitate to contact me.

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