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I have a question I've been think about for a long time:
Why is alcoholism about addiction and OCD about compulsion?
They seem to have the same behavior. I am confused.

Beverley Glazer MA., ICCAC
Beverley Glazer MA., I
Hi Hank,

To be diagnosed with substance abuse (alcoholism) you must have one or more of the following symptoms within a year: (DSM4)

•   Recurrent substance use that leads to failure to fulfill obligations at work, school or at home.

•   Repeatedly using a substance in situations in potentially dangerous situations, such as driving a car or operating a machine.

•   Recurrent problems with the law because of substance use.

•   Continued use of the substance despite interpersonal problems caused by the substance.

When you’re affected by OCD, you’re at a greater risk of developing substance use disorders, to reduce the severity of the obsessions or compulsions or to decrease the consequences of OCD.  The alcohol and drug use may mask the OCD, but you can have OCD without any substance misuse.

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