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Addiction to Alcohol/When will beer belly go?


I have not had a drink since April. Overall I am feeling much better, eating healthy ( low fat, low simple carbs), exercising, and losing weight, but my belly has not gone down. I was a hard liquor bing drinker, and my reasearch online pointed to beg big stomachs as a symptom of this.
Since I am in my 50's and binge drank for many years, I can understand that I wont see a reduction that soon, but was hopefull it would get to a more normal size in a few months.
My doctor says I dont have ascites or liver damage, just 'central obesity'. He said to keep doing what I am doing.
Have you come across this in your experiance? I have no living male relatives to compare myself to by genetics.
Thanks, and have a great summer!

Good job Bud,

You have to cut calories but you might need to
get some advice for specific exercises targeting
the belly area. If the doctor says all is well then
only time and exercise will help. It is also harder
to lose weight in that area as we get older, it can
be tough to regain our svelte figures of youth again lol.

Some local health spa/exercise gyms have people
that can counsel you on a routine that may
be effective over time.

Always check with your doctor before doing anything
extreme. Swimming can be good as well as bicycling.

Watch for anything that might trigger your cravings
such as frustration, anger, boredom, self-pity.
Alcohol has a way of sneaking up and making us feel
like things are too hard or not worth it.
Keep your guard up and don't give alcohol
any excuse to return.

Voice your health concerns so the emotions don't
build up inside you as you have done here.
Things do take time but today is all you ever need
to handle.

Take care,

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