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My husband is a wekend binge drinker. He recently started eating healthier and exercising week days, but like to have 'blow outs' about every second weekend, usually on hard liquor, as a 'reward'.
He is looking and feeling better, but his waistline has not shrunk. If anything it is firmer. In fact it is not like the flabby guts I see other men I see on the beach, he has only a bit of fat and even has a faint six pack. Almost looks like a pregnabt lady.
It is starting to bother him to the point where he may go back to his old ways.
Is this a sign of damage to his internal organs from the alcohol?
Although I think it is mostly genetic, he has males in his family no family to compare himself to, although his older sister says his Dad also had a 'beer gut'
If he could be assured it is only a matter of time for it to get flatter, he would have more resolve to continue.
Thanks for the advvice

Hi Susy,

Addiction to alcohol is more of a physical disorder than a mental disorder, but alcoholism has mental symptoms. I suggest you read articles about addictionsuch as:
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Alcoholism is a Treatable Disease

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What is Hypoglycemia?

The major disease contributing to addiction and obesity is hypoglycemia, hence the first step in treatment is going on Hypoglycemic Diet

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Addiction to Alcohol

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