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my sister is an alcoholic for 20+ years on/off. 9 months she has been drinking I think beer, maybe vodka. she is in a hotel now/kicked out of room she was renting. she has $ and a car. she is no longer talking to me. not answering phone. she seems crazy. what can/should I do?

Hi Vicki,

I'm sorry for your pain and trouble. I've gone through much of the same.

You could appeal to her to help her. You wouldn't want to do this alone. And, of course you would only want to attempt to offer help when she has a lucid interval. It is never a good idea to help a drunk alcoholic.

If approaching her is out of the question, you would want to be ready to help if she asks. Would you know what to do?

You don't say if your sister has completely burned bridges with you. To be sure, we have to keep healthy boundaries between us and our drinking family members. If you're interested in following up, I shall be here and you may contact me anytime....

I wish you well,

Charlie Haviland  

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