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I am attempting to cut way back on my alcohol consumption, which was not a dependency but was becoming problematic, especially weekend binges.
I went from liquor to beer to light beer only now. Since its summer and O golf and play outdoor sports, turning away a beer with friends it torture.
I have noticed I can drink quite a few light beers and not get much of a buzz, in fact I get so full I am not thirsty and can stop. However with regular beer I get that buzz after only two, and the temptation to get inebriated comes over me.
I know that switching to light beer is not a cure for problem drinking, but it seems to be working for me. Your thoughts appreciated!

Hi Barry,

Well, the less alcohol you consume the better.  Even a few beers is not a great thing for the body.  

The other concern is that when you've had a problem with alcohol, as you mention, and attempt controlled drinking, there are risks that you will again develop some degree of addiction, if not dependence.  I don't find many people able to reduce their once heavy alcohol use to a controlled level.

Thanks for your question,

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