Addiction to Alcohol/Sober 'Flu'?


I quit drinking cold turkey mid November. Have never gone a week without being intoxicated in years.
By the first week in December I started to feel flu like symptoms, though I had the flu shot. Mostly just tired and a bit groggy. It got worse until XMAS when I spent the weekend mostly just lying down. Since Xmas I am feeling better, and I am hearing audible 'gurgling' type noises from where my liver/gall bladder should be.
Does this sound like I am going through some type of alcohol free healing crisis, if there is such a thing?


I would suggest you get checked out asap by a doctor.
Alcohol can damage body organs but each person has
to be assessed individually to see if the damage
can heal on it's own or needs some medical treatment.

Due to the readjustment of your body to sobriety
you may go through some mental, physical and emotional
upheavals. The changes in mental and emotional states
can cause physical reactions. You may at first have
noticed prespiration, nervousness, paranoia, negativity,
fear, hopelessness, sadness, grief etc.

Often sobriety involves a grieving process since we are
giving up something we used to get by on.
This means we can resist changes, become angry, bargain with
our sobriety and then even deny we have to stop drinking.
Acceptance can involve all these emotions which can
affect our physical body causing indigestion, pain, inability
to sleep well, head and neck aches etc.

Get checked out by a doctor and then you will know if it is just
healing that requires time and not medical attention.

Talk to someone if you feel the urge to drink. Make no excuse
as alcohol can lure you back in when strong feelings abound.
It gets harder and harder to stay stopped each time a person
relapses to drink again.

Good luck!

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