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Hi Jurriaan and Merry Xmas!
Happy to report my struggle to maintain my sobriety is getting easier. I have a few AA friends I can talk to now, and I think maturity and less stress helps too.  What I am concerned about most is a physical symptom that used to happen whenever I binged. My belly bloated up for a week after. I noticed that it was worse if I was eating salty foods with the booze-example beer and chips. Was this just a natural reaction, or fluid buildup from the salt? Does it not seem that booze and salty foods often go together? Sure makes the booze go down easier. Lately, I have been eating much less sodium, and it the bloat-not fat- is slowly going down. Do you know if heavy drinkers are more prone to sodium sensitivity and holding water weight on their abdomens? My doc said I do not have cirrhosis or even ascites the last time I saw him, but this is something else that has occurred to me. Is it possible heavy a high sodium diet would increase the chances of an alcoholic getting ascites/cirrhosis? Thanks for your thoughts!

Hello Barry,

Your questions are hard to answer, because a diet of alcohol, chippies and salt is hardly a healthy diet.  Your body has a powerful mechanism to preserve sodium, and really you don’t need a high sodium diet to preserve salt in your body.

Most people suffering from alcoholism su;for from hypoglycemia (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (
The hypoglycemic diet can be considered a natural diet, that should be able to produce all the feel good neurotransmitters and hormones  to feel good.

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Addiction to Alcohol

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