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Addiction to Alcohol/alcohol and dietary fat


Kind of an offbeat question , but I am hopefull you have the qualifications to answer it!
I know that my excess drinking in the past was a factor in my being overweight. In the past, I maintained a low carb diet to only limited success. I noticed that if I had alcoholic drinks during a fatty meal of, say, steak, I suffered the next day from bloating and weight gain-even if my calories were below minimum.
The recent cardiac arrest death of a friend who was almost my twin prompted me to look closer at my eating and drinking. He was so much like me, same age, body shape, hard drinker, big meat eater-he was a low carber too.
I had gone low fat in the past on doctors orders, but the amount of fat which was recommended, around 30 grams a day, did not result in weight loss. I decided to try again, but this time I am trying to stay under five grams. This is supposedly under the limit and 'unhealthy'. Success! I am finally seeing weight loss.
The death of my biuddy caused me to fall off the wagon and I drank to much one night. I stayed on the low fat diet that day though. Surprisingly, I did not gain weight the next day, and the usual bloating and discomfort that used to last for weeks dis not occur! Dont get me wrong, I dont plan on taking up drinking again, but I wonder if I am more sensitive to dietary fat than most people, especially if combined with alcohol? Thanks for your thoughts!

Dear Barry,

The main reason why alcoholics might gain weight is because alcoholism is strongly  related to hypoglyglycemia (, which share both addiction and gaining weight.

See:  Obesity Controversy


Why Alcoholics Drink

Drug Addiction is a Nutritional Disorder

Alcoholism is a Treatable Disease

I don't feel that consuming fat contributes to obesity, although this is still controversial . Read:
Animal Fats are Essential to Overall Health

The first step in the treatment of alcoholism is the adoption of the hypoglycaemic diet (

I hope I have been able to help you.

Jurriaan Plesman BA (Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutrition
Editor of the Hypoglycemic Association of Australia
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Addiction to Alcohol

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