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Thank you for taking the time to listen, its greatly appreciated.
I have been drinking on and off for 20+ years, I am female and reach 57 later this year.
My drinking habits have pretty much stayed the same, a lager and then about 3/4 glasses of red wine most days.
I tried again to give up this year so from January to April I had no drink.
I went on holiday at the beginning of May and decided to have a drink I had about 3/4 bottle of wine a night.
When i returned from Holiday I continued drinking about 1/2 bottle wine a night.
Early hours of the morning I was rushed into Emergency by ambulance with horrific pains all along my RHS at the side up to shoulder upper abdomen and penetrating through to my back.
The hospital took bloods then started me on Anti Bioctics by IV and pain killers, I was given a saline drip which later was changed for a yellow coloured drip which was then given me 3 x a day.
The bloods showed raised Liver reading, High White blood cell count, and something about the Panceas.
The pain subsided, and I was told there was alot of infection inside. I told them I had been drinking.
I was treated with pain killers the AB IV and the yellow drip for 4 days, then had an ultrsound scan, as gallstones were suspected.
The scan showed gallstones, I heard the Nurse say I had a fatty liver.
When the surgeon came to discuss the scan with me he said we will need to remove the gallbladder, but he never mentioned the fatty liver.
When I asked him about the fatty liver, he was very crass with me and said yes you have, I asked would this get any worse? he said yes because you are over weight and you drink to much.
I felt really hurt and treated really harshly.
When I asked what I can do  regarding my liver he was not interestd and gave me no advice at all.
On my discharge the notes it said on arrival to emergency that my bloods showed a raised amylase? deranged LFT's and raised WCC. It said a chest x ray was unremarkable?
Abdominal scan showed a thin walled gallbladder with calculi. it said i was started on IV co-amoxiclav given raised WCC now switched to oral to complete a 5 day course. The pain is now settled and her bloods are now unremarkable? and she is therefore being discharged.
So sorry to take so long in explaining, I do apologise.
When i was leaving the nurse said the yellow drip was to repair my liver? and I was told very harshly to lay off the booze.
I went to see my GP straightaway, told him what had happened, and he said they will review you in 6 weeks and will have to remove the gallbladder, I told him I would not go back because of the degraded way they treated me. When I asked about the fatty liver situation, he told me that it cannot be reversed that I must go on a low fat diet and get plenty of excercise. I was so worried I said I am worried if I dont do everything I possibly can now to save my liver it will get much worse and become Chirrosis (sorry spelling) he was not interested, and said just dont drink and keep fit???
Could you advise what you think of my saga please, I dont want to have my Gallbladder removed if its my liver causing the pain, and not the gallstones.
If I went ahead and had the GB removed would my liver struggle even more because I have no GB? Why is there no suggestion of seeing a liver specialist or getting advice about what to eat to aid a fatty liver. I know to stop drinking is the first step, and that is now done, maybe to late though??? i will never touch Alcohol again, the last week has been the most horrific time in my life, and I dont know what to do, where to turn, I can't rest my mind as I feel that I should be doing more to help my Liver. Thank you so much for listening to my hopeless case, just any explainations or pointers would be greatly received. Once again Thank you, kind regards Holi x

Hi Holi,

I do agree that often people including those in the medical field
can be less than sympathetic when working with others.
I do not know if they are stressed and frustrated by overwork or just
do not care. Either way all we can do is protect ourselves
by finding other people to help us or learning to see past their
behaviour as being about us personally.

Many of us have problems with thoughts and emotions and there can be a variety of reasons
for our condition. I wish I could say that professionals are
better behaved but often their human side wins out and they
can be insulting and less than caring as happens with all of us at times.

That being said I understand your concerns with your health. Sometimes
we have to put ourselves first and do what we need to do no matter
who we are dealing with. The gallstones can be a real problem
so it will be good to have that dealt with. If possible you could
try to get a second opinion from another doctor or hospital.

If you want to do something about your liver the doctors advice
even though simple was good advice. The reason he advised no
drinking and exercise is because they have little or nothing
in the way of medication for fatty livers.

The liver is storing your bodies excess fat in the liver fatty tissues.
Alcohol contributes to liver damage and good diet and exercise
can reduce the fatty tissues. It takes time so take a breath
and do what you can to live and eat in a healthier way.

Part of staying sober is learning to see and accept the world
as it is with all it's flawed people. We are not bad people
we are people that are not skilled in living and understanding
each other. This ability comes with being sober and examining
our hurts and pain in relation to others.

We can learn to see things differently and so create more peace
for ourselves. We no longer have to drink to feel normal and okay.
We see ourselves as one person in a world of people that
are struggling to understand our place here.
Being sober means learning to let yourself feel again.
It hurts but we continue to grow as long as we do not
alter our mind and feelings with alcohol.
It is a journey one day at a time as that is all we can handle sometimes.

Let go of your resistance and get the help you need from the best
people you can find. You deserve to be healthy and happy.


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