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I recently joined AA. One decision to finally QUIT for good was my digestion. I was finding it hard to digest fatty foods. A low fat diet helped. I know alcohol affects the pancreas, but in your experiance have you seen people with reduced lipase levels from alcohol. who suffer from indigestion, especially of fatty foods?


I have definitely seen much damage to various parts of the body
done from excessive abuse of alcohol.

Continuing to drink after an experience of acute pancreatitis
can lead to permanent or chronic pancreatitis.

The pancreas cannot produce digestive enzymes when damaged
to this point hence all the digestive trouble.

Generally your lipase levels would be high not low
if you have alcohol pancreas damage.

The lipase from your gastric secretions breaks down fat
so overly low lipase levels can cause problems with fatty food.
There may be a shortage of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E or K
in your body.

Low lipase has other causes like diabetes, high cholesterol,
being overweight. These can be an indirect result of
alcohol abuse.

Talk to your doctor about lipase supplements. These might help
in your case to reduce the indigestion.

Always get medical advise from your doctor.

Staying sober is important because alcohol affects our
thinking and thinking is what leads to more drinking.

Alcohol can come up with a million bad reasons for you to
continue it's use. Be aware when you examine your
drinking in relation to your health or any other
problem that you are not looking for excuses to begin
drinking again. Alcohol is insidious in it's desire
to keep you hooked.


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