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Hello Dave,

I am concerned I may be an alcoholic. I am obsessed with getting drunk. I love it. Once I get tipsy I just want more and more until I blackout. Once I feel drunk I almost can't stop and drink to dangerous levels. However this compulsion to drink doesn't start until I get tipsy. For example if I casually have 1 or 2 beers (which I rarely do because I WANT to get wasted when I drink and see having one or two beers as pointless) and don't feel tipsy, I have no problem. I physically can have 1 or 2 drinks I just think it's a waste of time because id rather just get hammered to oblivion, but I know I can do it. Whenever I do have one or two drinks casually, I guess it kinda makes me think about getting drunk but I can do it, it's just no fun and pointless.

Is it possible that I'm an alcoholic even though I'm having this experience with the one or two drink issue, and that I don't lose control until I get tipsy.

Hello  Ed
My Name is Dave and Im an alcoholic.
Only you can determine yourself to be alcoholic. An alcoholic always has 2 characteristics that set him aside from the binge drinker; one is the obsession to drink. Can you stop drinking on your own and stay stopped ? Second is that once you've had any alcohol can you control and enjoy your drinking or do you drink to oblivion ? There are times when an alcoholic can hold it down to a couple of drinks but more often comes an inability to stop...or at least a strong craving for more alcohol. Craving in this case is defined by a physical demand for more and more that's nearly impossible to ignore or deny.
Those are the questions you need to answer to yourself....
Hope this simple model helps answer your question.

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Dave K


I'm an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and have been sober for over 8 years. I am only able to assist people with a desire to stop drinking or other fellow members of AA who may need an ear. I'm sorry...but I'm not qualified to assist you with questions about your relationship with someone else in your life with an alcohol problem. That is, for the most part, out of the scope of my area of expertise. I'm only able to assist the person suffering. I've read our "Big Book" of alcoholics anonymous many times as I have many of the other accepted literature in AA. I've sponsored a few guys and have my own sponsor. I'm more than willing to take your questions about your own problems with alcohol. I've had a strong spiritual journey of the educational variety and would be happy to share my experience strength and hope with you. If you think you have a problem with drinking we can talk. I work in the Health Care field and have researched many of the medical aspects of alcoholism and addiction so I'm comfortable with my working medical knowledge of addiction. Disclaimer: I do not represent AA nor am I a spokesman for AA. I cant and wont answer questions about alcoholics anonymous in any capacity that would have me explain AA's view on any subject. We neither endorse nor promote any outside interests or causes. *****Further: I must limit my answers only to the person who is suffering from alcoholism or who has a sincere desire to quit drinking.*****


Sober 8 years. Held many positions in my large fellowship. Secretary, treasurer, alternate general secretary, H&I visits to a local state prison, lead our fellowships book study for a term. Hold a Big Book study in my home. Sponsored a number of guys. Taken a few all the way through the steps.


Read the Big Book many times and attended book studies reading the Big Book cover to cover. Also the 12 and 12 cover to cover. I have an advanced degree in a health care field.

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