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You probably dont get many questions like this, but in the last year or so my desire for alcohol has diminished considerably. I should say my desire to become intoxicated is almost gone. I still look forward to a beer or two on a hot day or a glass of wine with a meal, but after two, instead of my brain saying 'keep going' it now says ok thats enough. Since I was a problem drinker all my life-I am now 57-this is a welcome surprise to me. My personal situation has not changed, except for getting older and wiser. I have found my temper flareups are not as common, and I have more patience. Do you think I have finally grown up at 57! Thanks for your thoughts!

There is some relationship between your excessive use of alcohol and your mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Recovery from addictions involves growth in these 3 areas of being.

As you mature in various ways it may be possible your dependence on alcohol is becoming
less. Generally a person must abstain completely to access growth enough to stay sober
totally and not fall back into the mind/body states that promote addiction to alcohol.

If you have managed to live and grow wiser while drinking addictively perhaps you are lucky
as many people die of there illness before they can access higher mental and emotional states.

Alcoholics generally have problems that are too severe unless they are able to abstain completely
and recover. Problem drinkers may be able to get older and wiser while staying alive and reduce
their need for the medicating effects of drinking. Very interesting subject anyway.

I wish you more wisdom and good health!


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