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oreokookie wrote at 2016-08-19 03:29:25
when i started drinking in 1994, it was a gateway to much more powerful drugs like acid...It smoothed the transition between sobriety and tripping. Same on the way down: after so many hours the psychedelics would wear off, and the booze helped smooth the rough edges always present after a trip. Later  I found I could enjoy booze without acid or fact the booze became seemed to be everywhere,  everyone did it, and all was well...but it became an obsession....and I am sure there is an acetone craving as well, and a building effort in alcoholics metabolism, definitely mine.

Addiction to Alcohol

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Joseph Lee O.


Greetings to you! I have experienced “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the book, and that is what I share with others. I understand the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the real alcoholic's plight, and here is what can be done to overcome chronic alcoholism: "If you are an alcoholic who wants to get over it, you may already be asking - 'What do I have to do?' It is the purpose of this book ('Alcoholics Anonymous') to answer such questions specifically. We shall tell you what we have done." (page 20)


I took my first drink of alcohol at age 24...and within minutes I had become obsessed with its seemingly-magical effect. That glass of wine had just done something *for* me, and I was amazed. Just seven years later, I wanted to never again touch another drop of alcohol -- I had a desire to stop drinking forever -- but I just could *not* leave the stuff alone. I knew what alcohol was doing *to* me, but I still needed something done *for* me. The effect of the Twelve Steps is now my “sufficient substitute” ("A.A.", page 151) for the effect of alcohol, and I do not have to puke anything back up in the morning!


30-year student of “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the book

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