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Mr. Clean wrote at 2015-09-02 23:49:28
I was reading the Q&A on quitting methadone. Everyone talks about comin down slowly 5-10 milligrams a week or whatever. The truth is if tou teally are over the lifestyle you have to live to get the junk you'll get rid of what you have,and stay away from anyone or anything that'll temt you. I've been clean for three months now. Yes it's been rough. There's been many sleepless nights. For about three weeks I felt like I wanted to go nuts! My ankles,knees,and wrist

Would irritate me at night I'd lay down a while flip n flop then get up and walk around. I was completely miserable, but my mind was made. Now this was slowly easing up, extremely slowly. All thats passed and I'm back to conditioning my body. I guess I was ready in my head. I have know idea what your state of mind is,but I do know if you really wanna quit then thats exactly what you'll do. I read all that you probably are on the net but never found the right answer for me. I take all the vitamins that reading the net recomended and started pushing myself physically. Bottom line is you gotta want it. Oh yeah I done 260 milligrams for 6 years. I promise you if you really wanna quit you will. I went to work 5 days a week through all of it.

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I have life experience in all areas of addiction. I can answer and lend guidance and suggestions to any addict seeking a better way of life. I would also like to help family members of suffering addicts to help them understand the disease of addiction.


I am a recovering addict who suffered 20 years of active addiction. My main drugs of choice were Heroin and Crack Cocaine. My addiction took me in and out of prison for 3/4 of my life. I have seen and been through things that many addicts don`t return from. through my own willingness and the help of a 12 step fellowship, I have found a better way to deal with life on life`s terms. I have completely changed my life around, and helping other suffering addicts and there family/friends is a way that I also help myself to stay grounded mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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