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Addiction to Drugs/does marijuana make the body retain water?


Dr Robert H Thalmus wrote at 2009-10-21 21:03:32
I am a physician and have been studying the affects of marijuana on humans for almost 30 years. Yes, it does make you retain water but it depends on your lifestyle as to how much. If you are an active person then you won't retain as much water as one who is less active but the average is up to 6 to 10 pounds while you are smoking continously. Once THC is out of your system, the body will purge this water within 2 days. You might notice this weight lose if you are a constant user and than stop.

I am not a user but in our studies at Cornell University, we have found that there are no adverse affects to the body other than the smoke damage that you would receive from cigerattes but I agree with Rachel, abuse is the issue, not use. Abusing chocolate will give you phsyicological problems as well. Moderation is the key.

khana wrote at 2010-01-23 00:42:01
Rachael, I think you are retarded!

Just keep your trap shut if you have nothing else to do.

Nuff Said!

The Truth wrote at 2010-09-09 23:54:30
Of course you're not an expert on the effects of marijuana, becuase you don't care about what it does, you just profit from telling people to quit using it. Nobody needs to hear marijuana users talk about how good it is, and nobody needs to hear people like you talk about how bad it is, what people do need is facts. When someone asks a question and you are informed on the topic, answer it. If you're not informed, don't answer it and don't make biased, opinionated statements, or insinuate that the asker is not responsible enough to know the truth.

abc wrote at 2014-05-30 02:31:01
Rachel, your so called answer to the question asked was biased and offensive. You have not proven to be an expert in anything, including decent conversation with people. Also just because you overcame your addiction does not make you an expert in recovery, as you like to put it. Perhaps you know a thing or two of your own recovery, that's all! Frankly you are arrogant and your apology was not sincere, quite the contrary, you continued to be insinuating and arrogant. It is a legitimate question if the body does in fact retain water or not after the use of marijuana. But perhaps you did not know the answer and instead of leaving it for someone else to answer you decided to make a person that was just asking a question feel badly about doing so. Once again you are very arrogant and I'm not the only person who felt repulsed by you, though we don't even know sad!!

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