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Addiction to Drugs/Particular Crystal Meth Side Effect


Mike wrote at 2009-09-17 21:39:13
I heavily used meth for 6 years and have been clean for 3 years. I too have experienced this smell too. As most people know there are several methods as well as several variations of chemicals. In my experience this smell occurs when the meth was made using ephedrine and the user consumed large amounts. If you stick your nose in a bottle of ephederine you'll recognize the smell. Not to rule out olfactory hallucination but from the standpoint of a former "chemist" this would be my opinion.

Mangina747 wrote at 2010-03-01 20:17:45
This is true. When I did Meth, I stunk. I mean REALLY STUNK. When you do that stuff you have to drink lots of water which diludes the sweat. Also, the Meth, mixes with whatever is in your body so, if you hadn't gone to the bathroom before you took Meth, then you know what you will smell like. You must drink lots of water before, during and after doing it. My odor was so strong that people a block away could smell me coming.

You should really stop doing it.

straightmakeress wrote at 2011-03-18 04:34:18
to the smelly one, i sometimes have a distinct smelly smellwhen i sweat after using meth but it depends on the dope some batches do it to me and some dont. but im sure if i was to sweat profusly others would become offended but oh well. i think your medication does make this more intense but doesnt creat the odor that the drug doing that but your meds make you sweat more i think. the only thing that can help is to be verywell hydrated long before you begin to use and stay hydrated throughout your usage to dilute ur sweat and keep you cool from the inside. and stick to water and not sugar drinks it wont help you.

Leo74 wrote at 2013-02-13 19:40:35
Hi JC,

Yes it is the meth. After sustained meth use for a month or you will get a foul odor emanating from your body and your likely your breath if you are a smoker. Other meth users will recognize the smell. Non-users will think that you are just unclean. It has the smell of amonia, body odor and sometimes as strong as cat urine. It also get in your clothes. I could always tell my partner was using by his breath and clothes. It is a stench that arrives before the person and stays after they leave. The meth user can not smell it on themselves and other meth users are unlikely to tell them that they smell. There are basically two reasons that the smell occurs. Firstly, dehydration and the high concentration of meth in your system. The minimal sweat that does come out is concentrated with chemicals that your liver and kidneys are trying to get out of the body. The organs can not process the chemicals fast enough and the body sends them out through the skin.  Secondly, your heart rate is higher as is your anxiety. This makes you sweat more. It is a putrid nasty smell. Anyone who has the odor, no matter how well they are dressed, is likely on meth.

ddrs wrote at 2013-03-10 12:41:13
Hi there. We have a lot in common! I too have done this only 3 times and something similar happens to me as well..all three times I notice it seeps out of my face; forehead around nose. Its not like sweat, it seeps. To other people it looks like I just have a shiny face. It drives me crazy and it does smell as well. Not to the extent that u described but I know what u mean. Which brings Me to my next point.. I too am on meds. I am on an anti depressant as well as anxiety meds. So by what u said maybe it is a chemical type reaction. I was kinda tripping today BC I felt like it was all over my face. And I smell it. Its been rite at two weeks since I've done any. Maybe u should talk to a Dr if all else fails. I'm trying my best to stay away from it tho BC I how addictive it is now just from only 3 times. I was gone and did some crazy things. Hope u don't loose ur self. B careful! be careful about smoking too much, I'm not completely sure if it was that or the 'hot rails' but I lost my voice a week and a half ago and still haven't fully gotten it back. Hope this was at least some in site.

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