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Addiction to Drugs/boyfriend with a crack addiction


Laura wrote at 2013-02-22 01:54:20
I myself was a crack addict and i do not believe once an adddict always an addict. I am in recovery and go to Celebrate recivery and church, God is the foundation to become whole again. I too tried everything else and it did not work, I have been on drugs for fifteen years not to mention selling my soul to get what I wanted,I am now without a drug for nine months by the grace of God!! people can not make you sober they don't have that power, he needs to make the first step and ask God to help him.

Addiction to Drugs

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I can answer questions on substance abuse and addiction as well as possible ideas for abstinence and groups. I have been a substance abuse counseling specialist for 5 years. I cannot give medically diagnose but can give accurate advice and helpful ideas.


I have been a substance abuse counselor for five years and have detoxed clients off of all drugs and alcohol.

I have a minor in addiction,an A.A. in Juvenile Justice and am working on my B.A in Criminal Justice with addiction. I have worked with doctors who specialize in medical detox and have 10 years nursing field experience.

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