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Addiction to Drugs/Lortab addiction


I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now. I learned early in our relationship that he had a bad pill problem, though I had assumed he stopped. There have been 2 serious occasions where I found out he was abusing again. Both times he did not tell me, I found out through someone else. This last I learned he was getting them from his mother. He's telling me that he swears he's done, but how can I be sure? He's already lied to me twice about it. I've been doing some research online and what I'm finding out about the addiction is quite scary. He's trying to ween himself off the lortabs by himself, is this really safe? And how long do you think he'll need to continue to take them?

The problem isn't with the physicality of the addiction. If he were to cold-turkey the Lortabs and go through the a couple of weeks or so he would be physically fine. The withdrawals wouldn't kill him...though he may feel like he's dying. However, psychologically there is no change. If overcoming addiction is just as easy as just saying no...then all addiction counselors and rehab facilities would be out of business. Your boyfriend needs to make some behavioral changes which generally only occur through counseling / treatment. To make things a bit more complicated is the fact his mother is giving him the meds...that's not only negative reenforcement, but enabling him. Without treatment or at the very least, the use of a twelve-step program that he would actively participate in...there is no guarantee that he will ever overcome this. More than likely he'll live a life of abstaining and relapsing over and over. I have no doubt that he does want to quit...but he needs to place positive, sober people around him for support. He didn't become addicted on his own (somebody had to supply the meds) and he will most likely not recover on his own. Good luck to you both and God bless.

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