Addiction to Drugs/losing to drugs


I have been addicted for over 20 years.... nobody knows the battle I've been fighting next that I've been fighting except my wife. I feel soon that I will be losing control and maybe not be around... I have 3 young boys that depend on me but I feel like I am just a burden... please help me figure this out


Can you tell me how I can help? What do you mean when you say losing control?  What kind of drugs are you addicted to?
Have you ever been clean in the 20 years of struggling?
You are not a burden, your children love you without limits and need you so please do not even think of leaving them. That is not something you want to leave your children with, it will haunt them the rest of their lives.

Lets figure this out together.


Addiction to Drugs

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I can answer questions on substance abuse and addiction as well as possible ideas for abstinence and groups. I have been a substance abuse counseling specialist for 5 years. I cannot give medically diagnose but can give accurate advice and helpful ideas.


I have been a substance abuse counselor for five years and have detoxed clients off of all drugs and alcohol.

I have a minor in addiction,an A.A. in Juvenile Justice and am working on my B.A in Criminal Justice with addiction. I have worked with doctors who specialize in medical detox and have 10 years nursing field experience.

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