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Hi There:) I need some help with supplements for recovering after meth use. Its been 8 month that i have been clean from meth / ecstasy use..I only did them on a period of 3 months on and off weekends.I really do not know what was in the drugs but believe meth was in there....I continue to have these head pressures ever since...i guess anxiety/depression related. i stopped cold turkey on drugs..alcohol..caffeine...I have taken lots of vitamins but something must be still missing...I recently had a bad sinus infection took vitamin C and cleared up. Keeping a healthy diet etc but the body tension does not go away or insomnia. I still exp lots of tension pressure in the head and eyes when trying to focus. What can you suggest? CT scan normal -I have not taken any prescribed medication since I do not want too get my body use to it.  Blood works all normal too.

Hi Irene,

Congratulations for getting off drugs. Of course it is difficult to assess what your present health is. But for your information I have found that most drug addicts - practising or recovered - are hypoglycemia (  Thus the first step in treatment is going on a hypoglycemia diet ( Please read:

Drug Addiction is a Nutritional Disorder at:

Discuss with a counsellor if you have an opportunity to do so.

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Addiction to Drugs

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