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Okay, so we talked about this in our class. And had a debate with friends. If the person is smoking methamphetamine for 4 months straight? Is she/he a strong user? Also, if he/she stops today.. How long will it stay out of the system? Will 12 days be enough for it? especially if urine drug test has to be done? or blood? i know hair will take years. And is it true that drinking cranberry juice, a BAKING SODA, and water helps? I do believe that sweating out will help. They also have this kind of things that you can take for quick result. Are this even safe? They have so much stuff on the Internet that this debate goes on and on.. I just want to hear your opinion as well.

Yes they are a strong user and they more than likely will become addicted. Even if they smoke 1 time a week they are still a heavy user. They will experience some withdrawal symptoms. It takes roughly 10 hours for half the dose of meth to flush the system. So for a moderate user it could take 2-5 days to escape the body. However for long-term heavy users, it can take up to 10 days to leave the body
No. There is nothing you can take to cleanse your system of drugs.

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