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Addiction to Drugs/Marijuana on blood and urine exams


Hi, dear. Helpe, please.
I'm 21. 1,76meters and 72kg.

I'm not a drug user, but I had an experience smoking 2 weed cigarettes. They were small and I shared it with 2 friends.
10 days later, I had an admissional employee exams. Is it going to be detected on urine or blood?  The urine exam was a toxicological exam. But maybe they may use the blood..don't know.
If detected, what can I say? Thnx.
I NEVER wanna do this again.

General rule of thumb is that marijuana stays in the system for up to a month. You can be honest when you have the test; they usually ask questions such as "When was the last time you used...." and you can be honest and tell them. However, since you already had the test I suppose it is too late. I'm sorry. I personally have always felt that drug testing borders on invasion of privacy. If you fail the drug test you can try to be honest with them, and admit it was a one-time trial, but no one can be sure how they will react. Marijuana stays in the body tissues longer than any other illegal drug, up to a month.
I wish you luck.

Addiction to Drugs

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