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Would taking one 5mg Percocet two months ago cause me to fail a hair follicle drug test? I know there are cut off levels, would this be under the cut off of 300 pg/mg? Thank you

Hey Joseph

If you have seen the gist of my answers in the past I am not a fan of drug testing, especially for things like employment (maybe unless you are a pilot).  I think what you do in your spare time is your own business and one Percocet two months ago is not going to affect your job performance now

Anyway, it's a hard question to answer as the tests vary.  The information I could find suggested that some tests can find drugs in hair samples up to 90 days, which would unfortunately put your use of the medication in the timeline.  I am Australian and there was a famous case of a footballer with a drug problem just shaving all the hair off his body.  This would prevent the test but get them wondering.  Is there any possibility you get some kind of letter from a friendly doctor who could vouch for you, saying it was for a migraine?  I know I am not being much help but I don't see many other options.

The only other suggestion is that you try googling "avoiding drug detection in hair tests".  There are a lot of sites that offer help on this.  I would do it for you but unfortunately I'm on an iphone and our electricity has gone out (I am currently living in Cambodia, constant problem), and not a bunch of battery left.  I just had a quick look and there were a couple of sites but not sure what they are like.  

I am sorry I can't be of more help, but good luck and I hope you pass it!

Take care,


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