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My father has post polio syndrome and his disease has progressed ten fold in ten years. He has been going to a pain management clinic for 15 years without any problems. Never a failed drug test. Nothing at all negative. He takes his meds as prescribed.  The problem arose when the Dr he was seeing for the last 15 years suddenly lost his licensed to prescribe narcotics.  My father had no idea this doctor was having any problems legal or otherwise. Now my father is left without a doctor and the few remaining pain doctors in the 100 mile radius are full due to taking on the patients of this doctor who was obviously doing illegal things.  My father is on his 2nd day without methadose, hydrocodone and Valium. He has high blood pressure, he is in his 60's. He is vomiting and he refuses to go to the hospital due to the shame associated due to being considered "addicted".  He is a church going man with TONS of pain.  What are we to do? I truly fear he is going to die.  He is throwing up, having diarrhea, his behavior is oddly mean and rude. He lays in the bed at all times he is not throwing up. How can I save my Dad's life?  I know if he went to the E.R he would get like a weeks worth but my father would rather just die than only get a weeks worth. I'm also afraid of suicide because the withdrwawels along with pain are so bad.  He has medicare and BCBS as a supplement.  His regular PCP can't prescribe this medication.  I'm at a loss.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks very much.

Your dad really needs to go to the er. They may be able to refer him to a doctor you all don't know about. Also, I know for a fact there are methadone clinics in AL. 1 know of 1 in Montgomery, some in Birningham, Mobile and a couple of ther places. They can help. You will have to call and find out when they do intakes. I don't think they will prescribe him the dose he was on. He will have to increase the way the clinics allows you to increase. That may help until he gets in with a doctor. He willl have to go daily to get his meds for a certain amount of time before getting take homes. But first go to er. They have resources we don't even know exist.  Ask them for recommendations. See if there is a nurse line with your dad's insurance or at hospital and call them and ask for recommendations. Other than what I have suggested, I don't know what else to do. 1 of these options will have a solution for your dad. Search around on the internet if interested in methadone clincs. If not, call the nurse line or other facility that will have information to help. G to er or he will continue to feel horrible. At least a few meds is better than nothing. Who knows the er doctor may write refills. You don't know till you try. The er doc may can write a script for methadose. If go to er take his old bottles of meds so they will see what he was prescribed. Hope this helps. Sorry about spelling. I'm on. My phone and can't see well. The spell check on this site does not work on my phone. Sorry. Hope this helps.  

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