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Addiction to Drugs/Suboxone and Urine Screenings


Hi Sherrie thank you for taking the time to answer this question for me, I was recently put on probation (the charges are stupid and have NOTHING to do with drugs), and I no longer see the doctor I got my painkillers (percocet) from, so I no longer have a valid script. The doctor refused to give me any suboxone so I could get clean, and I would not deal well in a rehab setting, so let's just say I took matters into my own hands. So here is my question/ problem; I have taken 1, 8mg suboxone strip a day for 3 days now, (i lowered my dose each time to wean off) and I have no intention of taking any more, but should I worry about the urine test results coming up positive for suboxone or other opioids? (the tests are random, I am currently waiting for the first one since I took the subs) And also, when a Probation Officer does a urine screening, what drugs do they test for, and how specific are they? I am not trying to "beat my test" I just do not want to get in trouble for suboxone when I was only using it to get clean. I know I should not have done it without a script, but if you have ever been addicted to an opiate, you understand why there was no "cold turkey" for me. Please get back to me asap, and again, this is just information, either way I am done with the drugs and suboxone, and i am not just looking for ways to beat the test. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Paul,
Suboxone can stay in the system for several weeks even if small amounts are taken. With respect to what drugs the probation office tests for, that varies by the court system and can also vary by each individual. I can tell you that generally speaking, suboxone is not a drug usually tested for by Probation Officers.
It sounds like you are serious about staying clean, good luck to you, but please try and seek treatment legally if you feel you cant succeed at this time. is a website to help you find local suboxone providers who are certified to write the prescription.
All the best,

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