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Do you know anything about DXM? Not many people do. Few understand. They think its stupid. A thing that teens do who cant get there hands on real drugs. I have been using for about 9 months now. Maybe more honestly I lost count. That dosent matter anyway. The problem now is that I cant stop. You think that after I was hosptalized for and OD and had to leave the college I was attending that would give me a reason to stop for longer than a month. But no that just how dumb and hopless I am. What most people dont understand about this drug is that it is everywhere and it is cheep. I can control how much I take so I can still function in my day to day life and still be high. Go to work go to classes, drive. I can do anything high. And you know what life is a better place when you are high. Shit I'm high right now as I write this. I know I need to stop. I am not that dense. I know you can throw and words life depression and anxiety and I problably have them too. But I dont want to stop. The thought of stopping gettinh high only makes me want to get high some more. I need some something. Something to take away the pain of this stupid life I live so I can keep living it. I dont want to kill myself. That would crush my family and I could never do that to them. But if I were to die in a car accident or something that wouldnt be so bad....... what is wrong with me i dont even know why im writing this goodbye

Hi Rose,
I understand that it feels hopeless and it is hard to imagine that it is possible to live a happy life. have you ever considered that your thinking may be impaired  from using and that the DXM keeps you from making sound decisions about getting well? You can , 90% of the population  does live a happy life with out drugs. It is hard to imagine that someone could help you, but they can and they will! Many people enter treatment more than once before they learn how to stay clean and have a successful and peaceful life.
Please ask for help. Talk to your parents, call the treatment center where you were admitted, call the counselor you worked with there, call an addiction hotline number such as 1.800.875.0909, or look for an addiction counselor in the area you live.
I promise that asking for help and then following through with the suggestions you are given will stop the pain you are feeling.... Don't give up!

Addiction to Drugs

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I am qualified to answer questions in all areas of addiction and recovery. If you have a question that I can not answer, I am not afraid to tell you that I do not know, however, I am willing to help you find the answer. I am qualified to assist you with questions asked by the individual who is using drugs or alcohol, as well as questions from concerned friends and family members. I understand the stigmas of this disease and the difficult issues that arise from substance use. I am here to offer guidance and support.


I have worked in the field of substance abuse for 20 years. I have experience working in the areas of inpatient detoxification, outpatient counseling, halfway houses, self help groups, individual, marital and family counseling, drunken driving education, pregnant and parenting programs, and medication assisted treatment. Additionally, I have a strong background in medical issues, psychopharmacology and mental health issues. I believe in individualized treatment which meets the specific needs of each person suffering from the disease of addiction.

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