Addiction to Drugs/damages veins


If I keep giving mysrlf a shot of meth in same vein that is collapsed in areas or blew a vein is it leaking out into my arm is it all dtill flowing threw the vein as normal.

No, it is leaking out into the tissues within your arm's soft tissue. You can probably feel it, as it burns. Very little is getting into the vein. This can also cause vein thrombus, an abscess or even cellulitis, a painful life-threatening skin infection. Don't do it! Please!

Addiction to Drugs

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I will attempt to answer any serious question on substance abuse, including alcohol, illegal drugs and/or prescription drugs.


As a nurse, I bring a strong background in pharmacology along with a working knowledge of the effects of addiction. I am a believer in 12-step programs, and also medication-controlled programs for certain addictions.

Nursing school with diploma. 20-plus years nursing in general hospitals, med/surg and in later years employed by psychologists who also handled substance abuse problems. I am up-to-date with current treatment options, including medically-supervised programs and 12-steps.

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Dean's List while in college. I have taken extra pharmacology courses because I enjoy it, and out necessity to stay up-to-date.

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I volunteer here on AllExperts in the Pharmacology area and also Medical area, in attempt to offer the questioners a "nurse's perspective", where I've received many and varied questions and problems, including some relating to addictions.

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