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How do you feel about the legalization of weed? After 55 years I can look back and see that most of my friends, especially the ones with potential, and  that were regular users in the 70's and 80's, have not lived up to their potential. Most are single or divorced, with low paying jobs, and other issues. Then I look at myself and a few other friends, with less advantages, we were beer drinkers and occasional puffers-if it was there-we didn't look for it. My group is generally successful.
Have you also encountered this? Do you think the pro pot people of today will be the losers of tomorrow?
I know they will compare it to booze, but if you are an alcoholic-it will affect you life enough to make you QUIT. How many pot users think they are just fine and not 'chronics'? Thanks!

Hi bud,

Just today I had this discussion in my addiction treatment groups.  We have some supposedly recovering addicts who romance marijuana.  I tell them we're not going to change -- it's still a problematic drug in many ways, despite the free ride that it gets in this society.  Even the president felt it was less harmful than alcohol.

You can be sure all this hoopla is driven by what drives most else in American life: economics (read: money).  States are already getting wind of the tax revenues they can receive from selling legal weed, like Colorado does.  Lots of states have already made a bundle from medical marijuana.

I agree with you on the long-term effects.  I have a friend close to my age who smoked pot for over 40 years.  He's pretty shot out -- basically unemployable.  I think pot makes people lazy and amotivated.  When you're stoned, you just want to hit the couch and eat Haagen Daaz. I have a folder with a couple dozen studies on the negative effects of marijuana.

Somehow our society is being driven toward an even greater marginalization of its citizenry.  People are getting mentally lazy bigtime, obsessed with drugs and pharmaceuticals, less capable than ever in solving problems and managing daily stresses of life.  Everyone wants it easy.  

People are not as they were, in my parent's generation.  I don't know if we'll ever have people of that character again.  

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