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Addiction to Drugs/substance abuse and loss of a family member help


family member death and abuse of meth after effects.. pwhat do i do?
Father passed away and lead me into substance abuse and severe depression please help?!?
Death of my father put me into sever drug abuse and loss of myself in the process? please help? idk what to do.
My dad passed away earlier this year and it hit me hard as hell so i decided to be stupid (had a meth problem before this) and start doing so much tweak i was numbed up staying up for weeks on end tricking myself into seeing him around everywhere i went it was like i was seeing him standing in the distance like he had it set in his mind that he was to worried about me to rest fully. It really messed me up and seeing him got me off the dope and i feel as if peace was made. Anyways its like i cant get a job because every interview i get paranoid and anxious and nerveous to where i cant even hold a job. And now im sitting here with no direction calling out to him for his guidance but he needs to rest in the afterlife i just wannt get high as **** on crystal or kill myself because im so dependant. (Rehabs a waste its all up to you) any suggestions?

Hi Travis,

I am so pleased you reached out and contacted someone, but I feel a bit helpless as I am in Australia!  I really would like you to seek some professional help.  You have been through so much and anyone in your situation would need support.  I am so sorry to hear about the death of your father.  You must've been very close to him and it is awful to loose someone you love.  The meth use afterwards isn't unusual - people with substance use problems can have a relapse when a stressful event comes up.  But you have got past this now.  

I am wondering if you have an underlying anxiety problem if you are having trouble holding down a job.  These kinds of problems can be dealt with, if you get the appropriate support.  It sounds like rehab isn't an option, but that's okay as rehab doesn't work for everyone.  Sometimes a good psychologist/counsellor can work through the issues with you.  I have done a google check and found a service here that might be able to link you in.

Can you tell me a bit more about the paranoia and anxiety you get when you are trying to hold down a job?  What does it feel like?  What are you worried about in particular?  I might be able to help you with some online support in the short term until you can link in with someone.  But I will need a guarantee from you that you will not harm yourself.  Can we make that agreement???  Also, I am not going to judge you on your drug use, so whilst I would prefer you try not to have a lapse into more meth use (due to the anxiety and paranoia you are already experiencing), I will continue to engage with you over the net even if you do have a lapse.  I am  more interested in supporting you until you can get to see someone face to face.

Stay in touch with me and please contact the service above.


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I am a psychologist committed to Harm reduction, a philosophy that acknowledges people will continue to use drugs despite all of the effort put into stopping it (case in point - US government drug war ... trillions of dollars spent fighting and more people using). I advocate to support people who use drugs by reducing the harms associated with their use through needle and syringe programs (NSP), advocating for drug law reform, non-judgmental health services and reducing the stigma associated with drugs. I have worked in harm reduction in Australia (NSP, primary health care, drop in centre) for 10 years and also have 18 months managing a service providing care coordination for people with multiple and complex problems. I spent two years living and working in Cambodia as a Harm Reduction Advisor for a local Khmer NGO, primarily focusing on methamphetamine use. Now I am back in Australia and have worked in a prison providing drug treatment and currently work as a psychologist in a dual diagnosis service (for people with mental health and substance use problems). I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology so can also answer questions around mental health and drug use. Happy to answer questions about blood borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis C, questions about opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, benzos and other substances. Questions about treatment (particulary methadone and buprenorphine). Questions about harm reduction and why it is the best approach. I will try to answer questions about drug tests. I DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLE NEGATIVELY DUE TO THEIR DRUG USE, AND DON'T DEMAND PEOPLE MARCH STRAIGHT OFF TO REHAB! If anyone has taken a sip of a coffee, or drunk a beer, then ... well we are all drug users, and I don't think we are going to see an end to it! Deal with the real.


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