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Addiction to Drugs/Post-Marijuana problems


Hello. I have a strange question and I'm not sure you're going to be able to answer it. Earlier this summer, my family and I noticed that my mom wasn't herself all of a sudden. Long story short, in August she finally told us she had been smoking marijuana for a few months, and had become addicted. My mom's never shown an interest in drugs so we were surprised. At the time her mom, my nana, was visiting and she suggested that my mom go to rehab. She was there almost 2 months and it seemed to help. After coming home she explained that she started smoking marijuana because of all the change that's been happening (my dad got a new job, they moved an hour away, my younger sister got married in June, etc) and she said she's basically just tired of being a mom. She's 45 and has me and my sister who are 29-year-old twins, my younger sister who's 21, my brother who's 3, and my baby sister who's 18 months. Because of the age differences she also has 4 grandchildren. I understand why she would get tired of raising babies over a span of almost 30 years, but she's never complained until she came home from rehab. My nana decided to move in with my parents just to help my mom adjust back to life. Well ever since she got out of rehab she's had major mood swings, a huge temper, and occasional just...problems. For example one night my brother spilled water on the carpet, so my mom ran towards him and started screaming as loud as she could. My nana separated her from the situation because she was scared for my brother's sake. Another example of a problem is one day my 21-year-old sister, Emily, was there. Well Emily went upstairs, and she caught our mom standing in the master bedroom with a knife in her hand. She said, "I'm going to stab myself in the heart, and you can't stop me, Emily." My mom's never been suicidal in her life. She supposedly tried twice when she first went to rehab but that's it. We don't think she actually would have stabbed herself, but it still scared the crap out of all of us. A few nights later, she said she was going to take a walk alone. Luckily my Nana followed her in her car. For some reason, my mom randomly started walking on the highway. When my nana caught up to her and asked what she was doing my mom said "I don't know. I just want to go home." And she did the same thing a few days later!

I will say, her personality is closer to what it was before the marijuana. But these temper/suicidal/randomly walking on the highway problems are alarming. My mom's going to intense couseling twice a week, and that also seems to be helping, but we aren't getting answers. I guess my question is what could be the underlining cause for these problems? I'm not familiar enough with marijuana to really know if this is normal. I mean could it be because of "withdrawal"? She's been clean for 3 months, so I'm not sure. Or could it be some mental problem that didn't show up until she started smoking? I'm sorry if this is confusing. I'm just really looking for some answers so we know how to help her better.

Thank you for your time.

I realize you are still awaiting an answer from me, and I do want to help you. I hardly ever turn a questioner away; after all, that's why we have this site. People come to us when they can't get their medical answers anywhere else.

I need a day or two more. Yes, your question is a difficult one. Thankfully, I have some limited experience with patients detoxing as well as in recovery from most drugs, including marijuana. So, please allow me a day or so more and I will return with an answer, hopefully that will help you. I can't promise, but I will try.
Thanks for your patience!

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