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Addiction to Drugs/Heroin indused mood swings


My granddaughter suffers from sudden heroin mood swings. Is there anything I can do to help her get through these episodes. I hate to see her going out and driving while in this condition. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I am so heartily sorry to hear of your granddaughter's heroin problem. It doesn't usually cause mood swings unless it is "laced" with something else, so be aware of that, of where she is getting it. She should NOT drive ever while using heroin. You know that, I'm sure. So, it is possible that the heroin is laced with something dangerous, or perhaps your granddaughter is on another medication? If she is on an antidepressant or a med for bi-polar condition, or maybe she has a psychiatric condition that isn't being treated. My professional advice would be to 1) Not let her drive, ever under the influence. 2) Consider getting her seen by a professional psychiatrist. They won't push rehab on her in case she's worried about that; just tell them the main concern; emphasize to them that the mood swings happen when she uses. It doesn't sound right to me, esp with heroin. I don't have her full medical history, only what you told me, but my IMPRESSION is that she is bi-polar, or borderline personality, or that another medication she may be taking is reacting with the heroin. This is very important.

I'd be more than happy to try to help further if you wish to send me more information, such as a little medical history, any medications she is on, family history, psychiatric history, etc. This could be very serious. I also STRONGLY urge you to get the keys from her. She could endanger herself or someone else innocently.

Chuck, seriously please get back to me with more information, and I will attempt to help you even if I have to make a few calls to a doctor, or a pharmacist friend of mine. I can imagine what pain this inflicts on you and your entire family. Let's please not let her end up in prison for manslaughter for driving while intoxicated, OK? I PROMISE I will be totally non-judgmental.  That's why I'm here. I am so glad you wrote in.

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