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Addiction to Drugs/Marijuana and memory problem


Hi. I am a 17 year old male. When I was 15 I first smoked marijuana. Over the time I was 15 till 16 I probably smoked it a total of 30 times. Basically towards the end of this I started waking up with absolutely no recall of
The hours leading up to smoking it as well as the whole 'high' experience. The whole feeling
Of not being able to recall anything was horrible. So The third time it happened I stopped completely. This memory damaged seemed permanent and lasted about 4 months until..

A month and a half ago I took one tab of LSD. I woke up the day after with the most beautiful glow on everything in life. My relationships felt closer, everything seemed to make me smile. As well as this, my memory was cured! I didn't realise how much I was disadvantaged without it.
My question is, if I smoke weed again do risk reverting my memory to its previous state?


This is difficult for me, since I don't have a working knowledge of illegal drugs such as LSD. However, remember that LSD, MDA and MDMA as well as meth are all manufactured by regular people with no medical training. You could take a big risk with LSD. I do not know why you experience a
"blackout" reaction with the pot. That is kind of unusual. Also, there is the danger that pot can be laced with anything nowadays, and keep in mind if it comes from South America we have pilots going there and spraying the field with poisons. I would suggest that you look on the web for others who have used weed and see what their reactions have been. Maybe you could get some support there. Also, look up LSD. this drug was popular over thirty years ago, and has changed greatly since then. It has increased in strength. I am trying to be honest with you, without trying to be judgmental.

Addiction to Drugs

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