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Thanks for the response to my question about my granddaughter's
problem with heroin. I showed your response to my wife and she mentioned that our daughter was calling what she thought were "mood swings" but were really episodes related to anger management. We have had her over many times since she admitted her addiction  and we have never noticed any type of "mood swings", ie. happy to sad,
etc. her episodes are really sudden fits of anger. They do not happen very often like that but I have seen mild anger which I thought was more frustration then real anger. "Their following to close." "Why are they going so slow?" etc. I have not seen any problem with her driving at all. She is on no other medication and has no history of any psychotic episodes. She does have some self esteem, feeling that something is wrong with her. That is about all I can add for now. Any thoughts or opinions with be appreciated. Thanks again.

I'm afraid I can offer no further help other than what I've given you. The mood swings she is having are definite red flags for her to seek a psychiatric consult, with our without drug use. They can be monitored and treated satisfactorily with the modern antidepressants, even a low dose, which can help immensely. I know of many, many "normal" functioning individuals who take low doses of these and hold high level professional jobs, they just don't suffer from mood swings, anger outbursts or worry and anxiety. I am not a psychiatric nurse, though I've had some experience. Good luck.

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