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QUESTION: When they send a urine to the lab what is it that they check for?
Can they detect the temperature of the urine?

ANSWER: They usually check for a person's drug of choice, or if it is a random screen they have a variety of drugs checked for: Specifically, opiates, cannibus(marijuana), cocaine, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, methamphetamines and alcohol. They can also check for other substances. And, yes they can check the temperature of the urine as well as the specific gravity of urine, which will sometimes show up as diluted if you have drunk a lot of water prior to testing.

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QUESTION: But when they send the urine to the lab dont they get cold by the time it gets there?

While this is true, nowadays many drug tests are done on the property. Even if they are sent away, the nurses or whoever collect the specimens can test the urine for temperature; I've seen it done; it takes abut 2 seconds. If it is below 98 or 99 degrees they may have a person repeat it. Question: Are you looking for a way to "cheat" the test? That is ok. I understand. The only way to really cheat the TEMPERATURE ONLY is to keep the urine in a small glass bottle and keep it next to your skin, in your bra, or in your underwear, etc. That keeps urine pretty close to body temp for an hour or so. I shouldn't be telling you this since I'm a nurse, but I have seen it done a lot; there are times when people want to cheat the system. After all, I'm not one of those people who are completely in favor of drug testing unless it is a probation situation or criminal situation. I think on the job testing is almost an invasion of privacy. Who among us has not had a few beers or glass of wine or liquor at night? Also, if you are talking about marijuana in particular, there are many healthcare workers, nurses even doctors who still like to use it on a very occasional basis. I am one of the few people in favor of its legalization, for MANY MANY different reasons, some of them for revenue such as ABC stores bring in, which bring in a lot of money for the public. I am a fairly liberal-minded person as well as a nurse, and I do feel that random urine screens are an invasion of privacy. It costs millions of dollars every year. That money could be better put to use to keep drunken drivers off the roads, intoxicated pilots out of planes,  or even in education of birth control or STDs for our teens. Those are just my opinions.

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