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Hello,  I have a medical issue that I've started to notice after quitting opiates 3 months ago.  I was abusing Hydro, Morphine, and most generally Heroin for several years.  I'm 26 now and have given it up.  The withdrawal was unexpectedly mild compared to what I was prepared for.  I guess I spent too much time reading about it online.  Within 2 weeks I felt right as rain and haven't even considered going back since.  The only issue has been diarrhea. Again, I expected that during my withdrawal and took anti-diarrhea meds to help with this.  Once a month had passed and everything was peachy keen I stopped the AD's hoping it was all over.  That was not the case.  It's been 3 months now and I still have to take them every other day or so.  I tried weening myself off but it just didn't get better.  Have you ever heard of this? Is this normal for recovery? I would talk to my Doctor but I don't have Health Insurance and can't afford to go in.  Also, she tends to drop patients who are addicts and she is the only Doctor within miles of where I live.  I've considered just stopping the meds, calling in sick, and spending some time in the bathroom until it blows over but I don't want to go though that if it wont help.  I've never had any GI problems before and I got screened for STD's a month before going cold turkey.  I never shared needles or anything like that; I was a good little H user.
Like I said, I'm doing well and feel better than before save the obvious issue at hand.  If any good can come of the diarrhea it will remind me down the road if I ever think about using of how stupid that would be.

Any advice is appreciated
Sincerely, Ralph

Hi Ralph
Congrats for quitting opiates! That is not an easy have a lot to be proud of!.
Being off of opiates for 3 months should resolve any opiate withdrawal diarrhea. I would look at a food intolerance, which may have been masked by your use in the past. My suggestion would be to try a dairy free diet. Discontinue milk ,cheese and butter and see if that helps. If that does not resolve the issue, I think you will need to see the doctor.
Good Luck

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