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Addiction to Drugs/My daughter is a heroin addict/ homeless by choice since 2/2014


My daughter was the most perfect kid on earth!! She graduated high school 2013. She struggled her whole way there with severe learning disabilities in reading and writing and math.. We got her a job .. We had to explain everything so they understood!!
She loved it!! On time everyday.. Always called in.. Everyone loved her! Then we noticed her hours were getting dropped. We asked they said it was not her that everyone's were. Then she wasent scheduled for 2 months straight.. I asked myself! They said she still was on the payroll but they needed people who could run the register!! That following month in 2/14 she left and had not returned. Maybe a phone call here and there. I asked her where she was staying.. She told me she's homeless on the streets with her boyfriend!! I asked her why!!! She always has a place in my home.. ALWAYS!!!
She stated she's using heroin to feel numb that she's not good enough for people and she never will be with her learning disorders.. That no one can help her!! It's 9/26/14
She showed up yesterday after I learned she was booked into jail and she had 3 warrents for her arrest .. She can not count money!! She has no idea how to come up with 2.75 for the bus!! She never knows what bus she gets on cuz she can't read and she still does not know her address
To make a long story short she was on SSI SINCE SHE WAS 6-18 . They cut her off and we are awaiting an appeal for the last year now!!
She wants me to let her boyfriend move in.. I told her no way.. He's not my problem and both of you are USING!!!
She said she needs my help to stop and to get rid of my husband of 13 years cuz she's my daughter!!
I told her that was not an option!!
I'm confused on how to help her!!
I know of nothing in Utah please help me... I'm loosing my mind
She told me that I will never see her again if I make her boyfriend leave!!
I believe that!!

Hi Rebecca,

Sounds like a very difficult situation you are facing with your daughter, and the story you tell is a familiar one to me.  

The heroin problem is the most startling and troubling issue in my 30-year history of treating addiction.  In my work, these are some of the toughest clients, and need multiple means of intervention.   Very few seem to get any semblance of a drug-free life going without an opioid replacement therapy, like Methadone or Suboxone.  

Are you aware of the addiction treatment resources in your area? Programs, counselors, agencies, that treat or deal with addictions?  Please investigate treatment options in your area.  She needs professional treatment, as you well can understand. Opioid dependence is a very hard thing to break.  

I think your daughter's boyfriend moving in will be very problematic.

It may be helpful for you to attend Al Anon meetings in your area.

Don't be bullied by her.  Without treatment she will not recover, and you may not be able to convince her to get it.  She may have to endure severe consequences before "the light goes on" and she gets help.  Often, I welcome legal problems falling on this group, because it's usually the only external motivation that is strong enough to push them into treatment.

Rebecca, you're not alone with this problem.  Unfortunately opioid use is increasing enormously, and no one knows quite why, but the availability of the drug is much greater, and it's cheaper than ever.

Emphasize treatment when you speak to her.  Insist she get it.  It's the only chance she'll have.

Hope things improve,

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