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I have an ongoing lower back problem. Its not a disk issue, but seems more like strain or tendons right across the lower back, right around sacroilliac. Numerous steroid shots from an excellent pain management doc have unfortunately not worked.

Lately, it flared up again while I was beinding down (stupid of me....). I just got some percocet prescribed. I work in an Office and am at the computer. Sitting is really bad to the point where it affects my concentration sometimes. Last Thursday and Friday I just took one percocet during the day, which really, really helps and lets me do my work. Ideally, I'd just like to take one per day in the same fashion so I can work. I am paranoid though about getting addicted, although I have no history of addiction of any kind.

As a general principle, if I take percocet once per day, Monday - Friday, how long could I do this and feel relatively confident I would not become dependent? I am a 46 year old male, 6"0 around 165lbs and otherwise in perfect health. I realize issues of dependency are different for each person, and maybe I am being a bit paranoid here, but just thought it prudent to get some advice.

Thank you!

Great question Craig! You are not being paranoid at all, you have every reason to be concerned.
Because many physicians prescribe Percocet to alleviate pain, it can be an unsuspecting cause of addiction. Most people are introduced to the drug with no intentions of abusing it, as they are simply seeking pain relief. Physical dependency begins anywhere from 2-4 weeks after the person first begins to take opioids. While the intensity of the body’s dependency will vary from person to person, the basic concept remains the same, as prolonged use of opiates conditions the brain to rely on the drug to function. When dependent on pain pills , individuals develop greater cravings for the drug while building up a tolerance to its effects. This can lead to abuse of the quantity or dosing which are both major characteristics of addiction.
I would suggest that you seek alternative methods of pain control such as chiropractors, acupuncture, massage and exercise. With opiate drugs, dependence/addiction is only a matter of time. We call this medically induced dependence.
Keep questioning and stay in charge of your health!
Best of luck to you...

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