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Addiction to Drugs/Staging an intervention


I'm F/26. My Dad is 53.

He has been an addict to *something* since a teenager. His worst addiction was cocaine.

Now it is pills.

He is prescribed oxycodone because he has a genuine disability. He is missing pieces of his spine and has had other pieces fused together due to a serious injury. He receives disability, has undergone many surgeries, and has been prescribed dozens upon dozens of medications.

He has now been on pain management for 2 years.

At the first of the month, he gets his 120 count bottle of oxycodone, his $800 disability check, and every single bit of it is gone by the 5th of the month.

He sells all of his pills because for some reason addicts think that the people that buy his pills are his "friends" and later when he needs his pills, they will give them back. I am not an addict so I do not understand this logic because every single month is the same thing.

Sell pills, pay bills. Need pills later in month, nobody that bought the pills is willing to sell. Dad goes into withdrawals. Throwing up, shaking, sweating, convulsing. He gets violent and hateful. "GIVE ME SOME GOD*AMN MONEY OR I'LL RIP YOUR ORGANS OUT OF YOUR THROAT"

Breaks things, screams, cries.

We give in, we give him hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month to prevent his withdrawals.

We are poor, we are broke. He is OK with not having groceries or running water or tv or internet for weeks on end as long as he gets pills.

This cycle is tearing our family apart.

We need help. We are very poor, we don't know who to go to. We don't know who to ask.

HI Kayla,

This is not a good situation. He really needs to be stopped selling his pills, which by the way is a criminal offence of selling drugs. I certainly would inform his doctor about this. If he is using pain killers for his illness, that is entirely under the control of his doctor. For you information you might want to read;

Management of Chronic Pain at:

For possible alternatives.

We have numerous articles on addiction problems, but these may not necessarily apply to your father, such as

Treatment of Drug Addiction


Drug Addiction is a Nutritional Disorder

I suggest you discuss your problems with the doctor who is treating your father.

Jurriaan Plesman BA (Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutrition
Editor of the Hypoglycemic Association of Australia
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Addiction to Drugs

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