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Addiction to Drugs/excessive meth use


How long does it normally take to become addicted if user is injecting. With that consider that the user started smoking and snorting on rare ocassions for a period of 6 years. Only using for 1 or 2 days at a time with 4 to 6 months between use. To what level of addiction would this user be if injecting for 3 months consistantly

Well, there isn't a straight forward answer to this question. When it comes to methamphetamine I know of people who were hooked the first time they used it and others who didn't have a hard time leaving it behind after a period of use. In addition, when speaking of addiction it depends on the type. People can be physically addicted or psychologically addicted or both. For example, marijuana doesn't have really any major physical addiction...however we know that it can be very psychologically addictive.
If someone has been slamming meth for 3 months...I would tend to say there is certainly psychological addiction....very possibly to the point of needing professional help. Now what level of help should it be...I would have no way of knowing. Perhaps the individual would thrive in an outpatient setting...or they may need more intensive therapy in a residential setting. The only way of knowing is to go to your local drug treatment center and have an evaluation done. From there a recommendation of appropriate services can be made.
The one positive thing I can say is it is better to seek treatment early in the addiction process than waiting until someone is completely strung out and have made a mess of their lives. The sooner it can be nipped in the bud...the better the chances for a successful recovery.
God Bless.

Addiction to Drugs

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There is no one cause for addiction and it must be approached from a biopsychosocial perspective. I can offer answers to questions concerning substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) and related topics such as depression and anxiety. I will not answer questions concerning medical opinion or diagnosis.


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