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Addiction to Drugs/Quitting Fentanyl


Hi!  I'm John  and 67 yr. old. I've been on Fentanyl 100 at 1 pr. 48 Hr. for 10 Yr. The Patch doesn't  have any side effects on me. I go on 75s in two days as an at home Detox program. Is there anything that I should be taking or doing to help me get thought the withdrawals. As far as I know I just have a physical Addiction to the Fentanyl. Can you please help me.  I was put on Fentanyl after averting else stop working. I've been in Pain for over 25 yr. Anything will be a big Help. sincerely John.

Hi John,

There are several ways of withdrawing from drugs. But the first thing is to understand why you are taking drugs. I believe it is as a pain relief. Then the question is what causes you to have pain. I know when people are on a hypoglycemic diet ( they are better able to withstand the pain.  In other words, when you are hypoglycemic ( you are more sensitive to pain.

When you withdraw from addictive drugs, then I advise people as explaied at:

I have an article called Management of Chronic Pain. You can find it at

As an alternative, I suggest that you get a referral to a nutritional doctor as it is difficult to give advice when you don’t know the person.

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Addiction to Drugs

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