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Can cigarette smoke trigger a relapse in a crack addict. If so how does this mechanism work?

I answered your question a few days ago, then it disappeared into "cyberspace". I suppose sometimes that happens.  Anyway, here is my answer to you:

If smoking cigarettes is something which you connect with smoking or using crack, then it makes sense that the smell of smoke would make you reminisce for crack. It has to do with the routine, or the "ritualistic behavior" associated with using your drug of choice. It is not too far-fetched. Our olfactory (smelling) sense is very strong, and felt to be more connected to memory than even touch or sounds! That is why aromatherapy is so successful. (I just wish aromatherapy were considered mainstream and covered by insurance)! Oftentimes heroin addicts will receive almost as much of a "high" from just applying a tourniquet, though this is not part of the sense of smell. It is considered ritualistic behavior. We have come a long way in addictionology in the last 10 years, and still have far to go.

That is my best guess based upon my experience and training with addiction. If you feel you need further help I hope you will let me know.

I do apologize for the delay; I promise that I answered you when I first received it.

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