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Addiction to Drugs/snorting vicodin/percocet


fortunado wrote at 2006-06-18 07:27:18
If it "soooo bad," to take, why are they so widely prescribed?  Sure they are prescribed for pain, but the side effects are no different if you actually have pain than if you don't.  The only consideration this person should take into account is the dosage and posssible drug interactions.  If you are going to experiment with drugs (sure it's illegal) only use drugs you know you won't react to in a bad way (i.e. drugs you've been prescribed legitimately) and don't take a whole bunch.  Duh!

Anonymous wrote at 2006-09-19 01:41:33
Well basically Walt didn't answer any of your questions, so I thought i'd give my two cents (and help with the actual questions, instead of telling you "tisk tisk").

I was in a fairly serious car accident a couple months ago so I have been on several different prescription pain killers. Vicodin is Hydrocodone with Tylenol. Percocet is Oxycodone with Tylenol. Oxycodone is stronger than hydrocodone. Both of these, including Morphine and Heroin are opiates. Anyway, I would not recommend snorting Vicodin or Percocet as they both contain APAP (tylenol) which burns like hell. As far as addiction; the first most obvious sign of the start of opiate addiction is the development of tolerance, needing more of the drug to aquire the same "buzz". A likely scenario for being physically addicted would be taking the vicodin or percocet at least once a day for at least a couple weeks. Upon stopping you would have some phsyical withdrawal symptoms (restlessness, muscle/bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea, irritability, sweating, chills) peaking at about 48 hours after the last use and then fading over the next couple days. Tolerance would virtually be back to nothing after not taking the drug for a week. Psychological addiction is a different story though... Maybe Walt can help you with that

Big B wrote at 2006-10-31 00:23:37
hey man,

the difference is the chemical composition mainly however most percs contain oxycodone(not contin) which seems to sometimes after long term use have more addicting qualities. The other thing you mentioned about snorting them. Well to be honest is the best way to get addicted due to the body wanting that taste you get from the drip. Not that i would tell anyone to stop something but i would advise you to take them differently. I myself had a hard time kicking roxicodone which i had prescribed for my back because i got greedy and decided to snort one next thing i new i was up to 5 a day at 15 mg it got a little ruff doing about 75 mg a day up my nose. The high wasnt even the what i liked it was the taste. Recomendation thou man if you want the same effect high wise. Break it up and crush it and mix it in a drink and take that. The pill will enter your system at about the same as snorting it. Other then that be careful as  you most likely wont realise it if you do become addicted if that happens i recomend with vicodin or hydrocodone as some forms of it are that you just taper yourself off it dropping down 15-20% every 2 days.

best of luck have fun and be careful

antone wrote at 2007-01-26 22:00:15

the last thing I would do is take advise form a bunch of pill poppers. Myself included. My advice to you is stay a way from painkillers. I promise it starts out as fun then turns into a super heavy addiction, in little or no time.  I was on every painkiller form dovocet up to morphine. Let me tell you that was great. But after two years of using them it was the hardest thing in my life to try to quit the habbit. I was taking 7- 5mg oxycodone evey 4 hours. Needless to say I finall overdosed and lost my life Luckly I only went into a seizure and short coma.  Every doctor I talked to said I should have been dead along time ago.  THe addiction was so bad I didnt kick the withdrawl symtoms for 14 days. I have a new found respect for crack heads. That was the longest 2 weeks of my life. My point being no matter how fun or high you might get it will come back to bite you,and it hurts real bad

bump it wrote at 2007-06-12 03:30:21
Uh, as opposed to the first answer, I'll actually help you out.

Percocet and Vicodin are, for the most part, the same thing.  Both are prescription painkillers, and as far as I know, both are basically oxycodone.  Percocet's tend to be stronger, but it usually depends on the dosage or strength of each.

Here's how I look at it...taking either orally is fine considering these are pills that are given out for even mild surgeries (ie. tonsils, fingers, etc.) and are even given out for soreness following minor injuries (my bro-in-law just received 120 lortab 10mg for falling off a four-wheeler, and he didn't break any bones OR have any lacerations of any kind...just soreness).  So, as long as you take in moderation and don't drink alcohol with them, you'll be fine.  I have taken upwards of 10 vicodin or lortab 10mg and felt awesome, but have never had an upset stomach or any bad side effects because of it (I wouldnt recommend taking more than three or so on your first time).

Now, as for percs, if you have 10mg you can easily feel amazing off two of those as opposed to 5 or 6 lortab or vicodin 10mg.  Those are truly the best pills to take without getting into roxy, oxy, etc.

As for snorting (tooting, bumping) those bad boys, I feel that you definitely get a quicker high from putting them up your nose.  Now, if you're not comfortable with that, taking them orally is awesome and is highly recommended.  I usually only bump painkillers after I have already taken a couple orally.  My typical solution is to take whatever gets you feeling pretty good orally, and then bump a little after you start to feel your body chill out.  But, in my opinion, the high isn't any better after bumping, it just hits you quicker and lasts a shorter period of time.  So, as I said, if you swallow a few and start to feel good, but wanna feel better, I recommend bumping a little instead of trying to swallow a couple more real quick.  You will use less by bumping than if you wanna swallow them and get the same high.

Also, the problem with bumping percs or any of those is you end up having a considerable amount of powder after crushing them.  It can be a nose-full trying to hit that much, but I always just do the damn thing and go big.

The best way to take these things is to take all or half of what you're taking and break them in half (ie., if you're taking 6 lortabs, break three in half before swallowing, or break all 6 in half), this will allow the drug to hit you quicker.  If you break all in half, you're gonna get hit harder but it will last less time, if you break half of them, you'll get hit by the first wave and get hit again later.  

For bumping, take a dollar bill, fold it in half with the pill in it, and crush it with the bottom of a shot glass.  Then take the shot glass and roll it over the dollar to smooth it out.  Finally, pour the powder on a table or something, give it a fine chop with a credit card, and toot it with either a dollar bill or a drinking straw (I like to cut the straw into a three-inch piece for easier snorting).  

Also, if you get a roxy or oxy, just put a couple up your nose as these are much smaller and will make you feel like Jesus.

Hope this helped!

Genius wrote at 2007-07-10 17:10:04

Are you serious with that answer? You seem to me to be a cantankerous, judgemental jerk with this response. If your point is that any illegal drug use is definitionally non-recreational, say so. Dont hide behind your "psychology" to take someone to task over the question they ask you. The anonymity of the internet provides a place where mike can ask such a question and receive the information he seeks in the form of an answer in order to satiate his need to know without fear of negative relational ramifications. So, please, save the snide response. Jerk.

And yes, I am a member of Mensa. I studied at Oxford, the world's best university. I study Einstein, Kant, Wittgenstein, Leibiz and the like for fun. I own a business I started when I was 18. Etc. Etc. I am smarter than you, so dont make this an intellectual pissing contest. You will lose.

cory wrote at 2007-07-14 06:27:12
wow that was a really horrible answer that question for someone who's "field is psychology"...u could have just left it at the fact that you're not an MD and don't know what you're talking about...its not like snorting vicodin isn't common among younger ppl...i don't do it myself...but u don't need to make this guy feel like he's a psycho for asking a question...alot of ppl like to experiment, if anything its smart to atleast ask about what could happen many ppl don't

crazy wrote at 2007-08-14 02:03:01
back to the first question. yes it is dangerous! while probly not as dangerous as cocaine, because that can actually eat a hole right thru your nose. painkillers with APAP are bad to snort. the APAP doesnt dissolve in your head or lungs. APAP was designed to be dissolved by stomach acids. therefore, even after all the fun stuff is absorbed the tylenol sits there in your nose and does what? just cakes up. it get in your lungs and it just builds up. I assume its worse than smoking to have that in your lungs. if you could separate the fun stuff from the tylenol... could be a fun night!

Tammie wrote at 2007-09-06 19:48:31
I am sitting here looking for information re percent and vicodin because my 42 year old brother JUST DIED 9-1-07 from them. He snorted them. What a terrible loss this is to our family and his son. The police found him confused on the street and took him home and he was found dead two days later. An appointment for rehab was set up a few days earlier and he did not make it. BECAUSE HE IS DEAD! My gosh you guys you are playing with fire. Take a look at the big picture and you too may find yourself 6 feet under. God Bless you all.

Moved wrote at 2007-09-22 14:21:34
I think the first response was just someone who cares. I went to this site with the same original question. If there were more people that really cared about the well-being of others people wouldn't need pain killers recreationally.

alyvia wrote at 2008-01-30 22:07:22
all the kid wanted to know was how it would affect him....please save the everyone loves you dramatics:

yo kid, this is what will happen to you:

you will begin slurring your words slightly,  like Anna Nicole always did

you will be incessantly tired with bouts of energy---few and FAR between

you will be so backed up (from not pooping for days) your intestines will feel like they want to explode out of your body

you will fight fits of MASS confusion in your head---feel like your going crazy

your heart will begin to palputate abnormally---feels like heart attack..

stop now while you can without the excessive costs of professional rehab.

ps im not a doctor just an addict

shazcy765 wrote at 2008-03-29 06:31:58
the difference between just wanting to chill and addiction all depends on your relationship with the drug. if you can just take it every once in awhile, to chill/relax/have fun that is totally different than waking up everyday and trying to figure out where/when you are going to take it, how much you'll have to take to get high enough all without regard for the negative effects it may have on your life.

that is the mental aspect of vicodin addiction, physically...every cell in your body starts to depend on it, and when you don't get feel like hell.  

Murph wrote at 2008-06-04 16:49:56
It is DISGUSTING to me an RN that you can get on line to ask a question about a drug addiction and FIND drugs for sale at the end of the makes me SICK!  I am not ranting or raving or yelling I am stating a FACT!  This is a VERY SAD state of affairs here on line!!

Eli wrote at 2010-01-31 14:09:30
Im not an expert, and I don't have an agenda here. Just concerned about what I'm reading. I have first hand experience with these drugs. If you are on them, and you do not have a serious pain condition or cancer ect... you are playing with fire.Once these drugs get their hook in you (and they will) you'll either wind up ruing your life or becoming cross addicted to other drugs while trying to "kick" These drugs are designed by scientists to optimize activity at the opiate receptor sites, unlike heroine, a crude mixture , perhaps about a third does not hit the receptors like Oxy, Roxy Vics ect hitting 100% of it's target. Therefore it takes a lot of help to get off these drugs. Your life is precious, no matter what your reason for taking them, psychological pain, an escape from stress or to get high, the sooner you stop the better your chances are for RECOVERY. And the recovery period is considerably longer than other drugs. Peace.  

Anon wrote at 2010-04-26 11:57:23
All of you are just a bunch of whining babies if you wanna talk about pill addictions try a few months of snorting Methadone and 80 mg Opana then you can talk about an addiction but until then quit whining becaude daddy didnt hug you enough :)

NWsNowboarder1 wrote at 2010-07-30 06:18:38
Okay, so you wanna know about snorting   pain killers. Not much to say , but its awesome! I would reccomend taking half of what you got and popping them then railing the rest so you'll get the body high with the head rush. Just be careful, iam not a preacher and wasn't planning on being one. You just need to know you are about to mess with some serious stuff and you don't wanna end up dead that's the last thing your parents need. I've been doing oxy for going on 3 years and its the worst best thing I've ever done.

When I was 19 I stole 3500 dollars from my mom just to get high, PLEASE don't go down that road it leads nowhere at all. I kiced the habbit and straitened out my life. Now iam back on it and everything seems to be going great!

So it pretty much what you make of it.

I have 3 rules for you.

1. Don't let it control your life.

2. Don't take to much.

3. Have fun! And enjoy kid!

Kristina wrote at 2011-03-15 04:46:45
OMG I am so upset to know people are putting stuff like this on here. People search for help then come to find other pill heads telling you exactly word from word on how to us them, make yourself a pill head. I did not come to criticize anyone but telling someone how to use a DRUG to make you high is insane. I hope what ever pill heads out their reads this will take some advise & realize what can happen to you. Just 2 days ago I had to have my Husband taken to the hospital because he had 3 seizure back to back the first time he has ever had a seizure in his life. This is a person who has no history of any medical problems. He starts to come to his self in the Ambulance & calls my cell phone wanting me & his daughter, we get to the hospital he goes into another seizure in which was a Gram Mal Seizure this time last for 5 minutes & caused his heart to stop. Thank The Good Lord above that I have my husband with me today!!! Come to find out he was toting as they call it Percocet 30mg I did not know anything about him doing it, he said it was his 3rd time doing them. Come to find out it was him toting them DAMN PILLS that made him go into the SEIZURES. I hope and PRAY for everyone who does this will look at what has happened to my Husband for doing it only 3 times compared to all of the Pill Heads out their that do it on a daily basis. The doctor told us he was very lucky he didnt die from it. Now I stress daily on when & if he will have another Seizure. Please stop while you can. O-well who cares how bad it is to get off of them you should have never did it in the first place or let it get out of control. You can quit if you really want too, if not you will meet your day you wish you wouldn't have or the day you die you never see another day again. I have been blessed to have my Husband still with us. It makes him realize he will never do another pain pill in his life. He sets in bed hurting from head to toe from the seizure & will not take nothing for it even if its offered. It has made him realized he almost lost his life for a BUZZ. Stop & save your life before its too LATE  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

LisaLuv wrote at 2011-04-07 02:30:43
I've been taking Percocet for almost 10 years now. I'm 26 and have chronic kidney stones (3-5 a month). Between the Percocet that was sent home with me, and the dilaudid/morphine given to me at the hospitals for kidney stone pain, I became hooked. (Not intentionally, of course.) So over the years, I've seen plenty of urologists and endocrinologists, and we're still trying to find why I make so many. So it's pretty much constant medicine. Recently, as in the past year or so, they've had me on 40mg Oxycontin 2x a day. That mixed with the Percocet was doing the trick for balancing the chronic pain. Unfortunately, my tolerance is now ridiculous. (They tried a Phentanyl patch, but it had no effect what so ever.) Lately, to get to where I was a few years ago I've been snorting them. I just woke up one day in agony, and I was unable to get to the doctor or the hospital. I got desperate. It was either call an ambulance, or try to get quick pain relief from my medicine. I broke one of my pills in half and made a line. NEVER in my life have I put anything up my nose. It did the trick for me, and my mom took me to the hospital when she got in for better pain management. I thought I had found a sure fire way to relieve the pain, and now I can't stop. I take 10-12 percocet a day, 80mg of Oxycontin, Motrin, and some other things to help pass kidney stones. Snorting is great because it relieves the pain quickly, but it's awful at the same time because now I can't stop. If you want a quick high, obviously snorting any sort of pain medicine would work and I can't say that I've not snorted these pills for the wrong reasons. (After 10 years, you can imagine how heavy the unintentional addiction is.)  In any case, if you do decide to snort pain medicine, just realize it's a huge pain when you have to quit.  

Charity wrote at 2011-07-29 18:53:30
This whole thing makes me really sad.  I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and the last year and a half he has been snorting Roxy's, he has quit for a month here or a week there.  

He is so hooked mentally that I am losing him.  When I look in his eyes he doesnt look like the same man I fell in love with, he looks high.  He cant sleep, he doesnt eat very well, half of the time he doesnt make very much sense.

He is going to lose everything because of his addiction, I hope that when you decide to stop that you have the courage and strength to complete it.

Just remember that no matter how many times you say it doesnt hurt anyone else that is a lie.  It hurts everyone around you, because YOU arent YOU.


Kristen wrote at 2011-08-02 21:25:14
You all are psychotic, why would you want to kill your liver that way, did you not know that taking more than 4000 mg of tylenol a day can kill the liver.  All that just for a high.  Get some help.  Yeah, it's cool to get a buzz once in a while, but get some damn help.

#2012 wrote at 2011-08-18 12:53:12
I have been snorting for four months. I have been hydro and oxy codoned outta my nose with and without acitophamin/tylonel. My pipes are not rusty, I do get clogged from time to time, I do it for the rush, I have done the morphine and that is the only time I experience the withdrawals and I heed all of yalls warning. thanx to answers of previous  I will try the warm water and powder thing. I also like to think that all those who answer are not saints and all are forgiven for trespassing into my chutes and ladders. :)

leelee wrote at 2011-09-07 01:44:36
@ Kristen, who said they go over the 4000 mg mark of apap? That would take like 12 10 mg perc's a day or 8 10 mg hydrocodone a day...Also Roxi's and Oxy's have no how about you get some facts straight and sit down, and be quiet, since you have no idea what u r talking about...

Jimbo wrote at 2011-11-19 03:55:26
Kristina ! I am sorry for your hubby but, there is no way he only had 3, he is covering up to protect himself from the shame of it all, especially that he did it for all the wrong reason and almost cost him his life.

I do feel sorry for those who do! you cant just stop! opiate addiction is no just do it matter, and shame on all of you who criticize what you don't understand, I get your anger with your spouse and rightly so! he was just getting high !! but anger on all others no not fair.

I was in a series of accidents that turned me.. no that gave me an involuntary dependency due to the level of pain, and I never took anything even for a headache! now its 2, 80mg Oxycontin with 6, 15mg oxycodone per day! just to somewhat function and get through a day as a single dad of three children. I was left, wife wanted drugs and a party life, WE were left, so I feel very strong about casual drug use, and everyone needs to learn there drug facts before risking your life, and others by teaching people how to risk there life just for a high of which I don't understand.

The high from pain meds really sucks, so if you like being dizzy or nauseous, and uncontrollable itching. WOW! CMON, if u want to feel good there are better ways, trust me been there done that, by the way I am 47 and have been a slave to pain meds for 16 years and I despise it, there in no way fun.

Now if you get started packing your nose you won't be able to stop!! The hold is to strong, it takes HELP!! to end the craziness, Yes it does work faster but for only about one third of the normal time for actual pain relief, it also helps greatly when you experience withdrawal symptoms it stops it almost immediately. Now with excessive long term use your sinus membrane becomes very thin, the chemicals in the pills will eat through the inner canals to your ear's, (remember they are designed, and engineered for your stomach!#

After that happens you will experience a incurable ringing that's changing in intensities and disciples, REMEMBER it will never go away! and at this point you have to live with it, and it sucks! no more peace and quit soon you will forget what quit is, you will only know levels of intensity of the incessant ringing, and to add to that you will start to get headaches that will dwarf anything you have ever had in the past. the risk and side effects of snorting opiates in pill form is highly addictive, Possesses great risk to internal nasal cavity resulting in irreversible damage to sense of smell, inner ear drum damage hearing loss, and other internal damage probable, may cause brain damage, and possible random bleeding in some cases.

And now for the Pain Killer List, from the most mild pain killers to the strongest, I can see there is great confusion in this area! so I hope this will help!

Starting with Propoxyphene, also called dextropropoxyphene, closely resembles methadone. Its pain relieving effects, is only about one-half to one-third that of codeine. It is therefore used to treat only mild to moderate pain. Propoxyphene napsylate is a form of the medication that is often prescribed. The napsylate salt makes the formulation less prone to abuse because it cannot be dissolved in water therefor cannot be injected

Codeine is a naturally occurring part of the opium plant, however, most used for pharmaceutical reasons is produced synthetically. Codeine differs from morphine because it can be administered orally without losing the drug through the gastrointestinal system or liver

Hydrocodone, the most frequently prescribed opiate in the United States is a semi-synthetic #meaning partially man-made# opiate used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is similar in structure to codeine and similar in effects to morphine

Oxycodone, another semi-synthetic opiate, is derived from thebaine, which is part of opium. Oxycodone is very similar to morphine in its effects, its addictiveness and dependence. this is instant release and less likely to overdose. There are prescription medications available for pain relief that are a mixture of oxycodone aspirin, acetaminophen, and motrin.

OxyContin is the brand name of a time-release formula of the opioid analgesic, oxycodone hydrochloride

Methadone is a synthetic opiate that was produced to provide effective pain relief without the addictive side effects. Methadone has a chemical structure different from morphine, but its effect of the opiate receptors is very similar. Methadone is often used to treat chronic severe pain as well as to help treat narcotic addiction

Morphine, the main active ingredient of opium, is the standard against which other opiate medications are measured. It acts upon the central nervous system very effectively and is able to relieve severe pain. Morphine is also highly addictive, induces tolerance #meaning as the body gets used to it more is needed to induce the effects), and is prone to both physical and emotional dependence.

Fentanyl, a synthetic opiate medication, meperidine, dextropropoxyphene, pentazocine and butorphanol, These drugs are often used as analgesics and for pre-anesthesia. They often produce identical reactions to those of heroin and methadone, but can be up to 100 times more potent, making them highly demanded drugs of abuse.

Now I know there are other names but for the most part this list will work for most.

Be Careful Please! and the best prevention is Don't Start At All!!!

If I could do it all over again! I would have delt with the pain!

Or Never got on that hot air baloon, Never Baught a motor cycle, Never jumped off that 125ft cliff.

You get the idea !!  

Babs2012 wrote at 2012-06-11 17:04:06
Hello. New to this site. An information or comments anyone with knowledge on snorthing percocet by much apprecated. I'm so worried and scared for my daughter. Recently I learned that my 22 year old daughter has begun snorting her percocet...(about 6-8 weeks ago) which is prescribed by her Rheumotologist for chronic and sometimes acute pain due to her having Lupus/Arthritis diagnosed when she was 13.  

My daughter also has an 14 month old son. She was under servere stress starting Easter weekend when her baby's dad kept him, when he was only suppose to have him for a weekend. My daughter got a lawyer. But went 50/50 split when it went to court. She also is on other meds, Medrol, Flexeril, Ativan, Hydrooxychloroquin. Sometimes she also drinks alcohol.

I know she is addicted just the fact she has a chronic health condition. I just can't imagine she will be on addicting meds the rest of her life most likely. But to had started snorting pills terrifies me. We talked the other night. And in front of me she put in 2 ativan (1mg I think), 1 flexeril and I think 1 perocet 10 or 20 mg. Crushed them then snorted them. I had to walk away. She's been with a guy for past 4 months. They moved in quickly then 2 weeks later he had a MVA and almost died. He is on different pills for pain, anxiety etc. She found out he used heroin a few times a month. She almost left him. But also last week told me she now once or twice a month snorts heroin too. She knows she needs to quit all the snorting and straighten out her life. How hard will it be to quit snorting one you begin.  

Sorry this might of gotten long.

Just a very concerned mother. Looking for advice.

Broken wrote at 2012-06-18 23:54:49
I too am a concerned mom.  I can tell you no matter how they start taking pills whether an accident, chronic pain, just to get high they are all pill junkies bottom line!  The reason you got to where you are is not the point, the point is you are a pill addict! Its your life now your every waking moment! Listening to these idiots say I started because of this or that or hey its cool once in its not okay at all EVER!  If it was the prescription would say crush and snort up your does not.  The addiction taking them by mouth is bad enough the addiction from snorting is oh so much worse! I lost my uncle at the age of 54 who looked like he was 100 yrs old when he died and now I have to watch my 19 year old son who can't hold a job, steals from family, has already spent time in jail for theifing to deal with this is the most awful thing to have to watch as a parent!  Today I just kicked my son out for stealing from me for the last time!  My family has suffered so badly because of the matter how you got there you did so please seek help before your dead and the people who love you are identifying your body on a morgue slab!

rego wrote at 2012-08-21 13:11:20
I am ashamed of those of you telling someone to have gun but be careful. I am not sure how old you people are or if you are married or have children, but I am married and have two great kids. That said pain pills are tearing our family apart. My husband used to just shake and be a little irritable, then started lying , and lying ,and avoiding  us. Now his jaw moves   like someone that shoots up and he looks crazy.He is very skinny, and lays in bed as soon as he walks in the door. Now he walks around sniffing, angry, and obsessive..... I am angry now...... We were happy with each other all, don't do something that you know has consequences , and you still have to ask about it. Not doing it won't hurt you.

wish i didn't wrote at 2012-09-05 22:59:04
I have just been prescribed hydrocodone(10/660) about 9 months ago.  I just swallow them according to the prescription. With that said, if I "miss" a dose, (1day) I have the most insane muscle aches.  I cannot sleep or sit still.  This was just following the prescription.  I am severely struggling everyday to try and get off them.  I give in every time because I can't stand the pain. I wish every day that I never started with them....

sadboo wrote at 2012-09-25 04:35:00
I have been snortibg pain kilers for about a yr. its hard to quit i tell my self i will but something upsets me and i find myself doinin at least two pills ata time.  Anyone knw anythgin i cn try so i dont resort to goin back to the bottle?

waka floka wrote at 2014-12-09 13:17:39
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Kilgore MD wrote at 2015-04-20 05:29:39
  Well I have read most all of these answers to the Q's about opiate functions , dis-functions , and addictions as I can tell all are very close to being right on track .I was a BAD DRUNK for 40+- years [are there any good ones ?] along with a mixologist with drugs , mainly coke & opiates. Please take it from me , if no one else , I have buried many young friends here in the North and grew up a lot in Tennessee hills where a lot of want to be chemical pros were making bathtub meth and not washing it right creating meth mouth . Speaking of a DRUNK , by the grace of GOD I am now an alcoholic because of my AA program ! Please O Please control yourselves carefully .I have been broken up a lot and almost have to use opiates to at least somewhat control my pains and yes I am addicted because of the ease of it all . Just don't over do it and things will work out as well as they can . I need 60 to 100 mg. per day to tolerate my problems [prescribed] and so very glad I gave up the booze !I do have a medical pot card even though I do not smoke a lot - couple joints a week . It does help very little but will take the edge off a little bit . Since there are no fillers in the pill I do sometimes have to snort 2 in some mornings to get moving , Please be care full and use the old noodle as well as you can as I said about the hills of Tennessee we have had to use explosives to break up the grave site rocks just to get 6 feet down , So no matter how old you are enough of to much of a good thing will put you or me there also . I buried one of my favorite cousins at 27 from a heroine over dose and another pretty and young cousin at 42 , always gad a fifth of Vodka in her purse , never left home without it ! Be Care full , have a good time , PEACE & GOD be with you at all times ! ; Kilgore MD .  

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More than 25 years of hands on experience. Various government and private training programs. Learning to live, drug and alcohol free, one day at a time is my greatest accomplishment.

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