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Addiction to Drugs/my son is bipolar and a crack addict.


kevinsmom214 wrote at 2011-01-20 10:19:20
My son was bipolar and a crack user. He died 22 march 2010. He was 26 years old. The crack and his medication mix together caused a annuerism, I wish everybody realise the devastation it causes.

I hear you/ your not alone wrote at 2014-07-15 01:23:21
Wow sounds just like my family.  First of all he somehow needs to get off of the drugs because it will deteriorate his mental capacity further and make him schizophrenic.  I don't know how you should go about this because its very hard.  There is really nothing you can do but pray.  We have also tried everything.  We never see the Dr.  He is invisible. We never see the counselor either.  No body listens to us not even the cops.  He is ok in the hospital just like you stated, but when he gets out it starts all over.  How can we get help, if there is no help out there. God help us!

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I am currently studying to become a LADC (licensed alcohol and drug counselor)and a CADAC (certified alcohol and drug counselor) at Springfield College, MA. I have a lot of personal and professional experience in this field. I can answer questions from those who are struggling, need help, wondering about the field, and people who know someone addicted. I can answer anything regarding substance abuse, 12 step programs, treatment, AA/NA/Al-Anon, the laws aspect with the field, questions concerning addictive medicine, or if you just need someone to give you suggestions on how to break the chains of addiction. I am here for people-on a professional, honest, and compassionate level. I am here to answer questions with my experience, strength and hope. I will not answer questions about "how much to get high", or anything pertaining to the illegal, and active use of drugs. Only people who need and want help. As long as their are no objections, I do a follow-up after a couple of weeks, just to make sure everything is ok-its all a part of wanting to help and support people 100%.


I have professional and personal experience. I am currently in school, but have always studied the field in one form or another. I also have certification from the NH Womens Drug Task Force Leadership Initiative. Most importantly, I have been there, dealing with someone addicted and dealing with my own addictions. I got the help I needed in both situations, and now I can offer my experience, strength and hope to others.

I was an expert on this website some time ago-due to personal events in my life, I had to leave for a short time. I am back now, 100%, and here for each and every one of you-please feel free to read previous questions Ive answered at anytime.

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